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Cats still not getting along

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ok, i posted here before and tried all the options. nothing worked. my girls still fight. i seperated them for weeks, Squitchy was in the bathroom and had free range at night, and Akasha had free range during the day and was in my room with me during the night. they didn't see each other for about 3 weeks or so. i let squitchy out the other day and she was fine, until she saw Akasha. they stared at each other for a couple seconds and then Akasha went back into her old routine and beat the crap outta Squitchy. it took me four hours to get Squitchy out from under the bed. she is now back in the bathrrom. my problem is, i have to move back in with my parents for a while and there really isn't any place to put Squitchy. plus they have a dog. please help me. i don't want to give Squitchy up, she really is a little love bug.
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You must understand that there is no time limit for cats to get along. Some have no problem and like in my case, it took months for my females to even tolerate each other. But first, you must not show your own stress. Cats can sense this and it's contagious. Be calm when you see them together and let them know you are the "alpha".
I don't know what you meant by "tried all the options" but these have worked for me. Don't force Squitchy out of her "safe" zone. Reduce Akasha's aggression by being her boss. Let her know her behavior is unacceptable to you. Maybe some time out will work. Or try the "hissing, stare and blow at face" on Akasha. It's cat's language for "stop it, and I mean it".

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Hi. I just posted the other day about my two male cats fighting. Guess the females are just as bad. However, I have a new kitten. I kind of believe that your stress makes it worse. I was getting so upset and I think they feed off of it. I'll let you know if I have any success. They were actually OK yesterday for once. Funny thing is, when my boyfriend stays over, they behave like angels!! He probably thinks I'm overreacting because he doesn't see what they do to each other all week!
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