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Cat going bald

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Hiya! I have a cat, about 4 years old. Seems to be healthy and quite happy most the time. She has lost all of her fur on the underneath side of her and she is begining to lose more on her body. She has now lost some on her legs, her sides, her back. Does anyone know what would cause this? There is no sores or anything where the fur has been lost. It's just smooth skin and she isn't in any sort of pain or anything. Thanks for those who can help.
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I think she needs to see a vet.
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A vet visit is a good idea. There are many reasons a cat loses fur - ringworm, fleas, behaviorial or psychological issues (she could be licking the fur off) to name a few.
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I would have the vet take a good look. It's not a normal thing for cats to have thinning or loss of hair. There's about 7 explainations, so it's best to get a proffessionals input.
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HI,.my persian tends to lick more than she needs to,.and ideas as to what I may be able to do,.to lessen it alittle???She is shedding,.some,.since our weather change,.(it has been raining alot lately),.about every day lately,.I wonder if we are ever going to see Spring,.It seems like in Spring they tend to shed some of their extra fur,.could this be why she is licking so much,.
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