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Boys vs. Girls

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ok so I am talking to a very reputable breeder about getting a ragdoll kitten.....

we thought that he had a blue bicolor boy for me as it turns out that boy turned out to be a girl who was just a bit swollen...... took them to the vet today and he is definitely a she....

can anyone please tell me the differences in temperment between a boy and a girl Ragdoll kitty....... I really wanted a boy..... because of size and a more laid back temperment..... am I wrong????? is there a temperment difference in cats like there is in dogs..... in dogs we often will say that they don't call them bitches for no reason....... is this the case with cats as well.

thanks for your help I need to make a decision relatively soon...... like today or tomm. and I want to make the right decision for us... with regard to continuing to keep the blue bi color GIRL or to switch to a different kitty so we get a male.
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I've got two girl cats and one boy, my girls are more laid back than the boy but it's just personality i've had boys in the past the were real love bugs.
I don't think it makes much difference,
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I have got 4 boys and 2 girls. My boys are more laid back than my girls. My boys are loving, but are happy sitting on your lap getting loves. My girls get obsessive sometimes with affection and will follow us around everywhere.

I think you will probally end up with another one anyhow so get the girl now and than a boy with her next letter!
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I have only had moggies, so have no experience with particualr breeds.

I dont really think it matters, its really personal choice. I have 2 girls and a boy. Jake is very laid back and puts up with a lot of provocation from Izzy.

The girls are more lap cats than Jake is. He prefers to sit on the arm of the chair and rub heads and have his ears scratched rather than curl up on a lap.
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I have male and female Ragdolls, and I often tell people it is really the individual cats personality. I have families that were very set on getting a male and fell in love with a girl, (and vise versa) and they have been very happy.
My opinion would be to think about what personality traits you are most hoping for, and then ask your breeder about the blue bicolor females personality. You might be a perfect fit for this little girl.
Good luck on making such a difficult decision.
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I agree that every single kitty is different and it doesnt really matter what the sex is... I say if you feel that special bond with this little girl and like her personality, then take her home... if you're not interested in breeding, then what's it matter what's between that kitty's back legs?! With all my pets (ok, exception of the fish, but even with my hermit crabs) I've always found that they pick me, rather than me picking them... good luck with your decision and have fun with your new baby!

PS: I have a male cat and female dog and they're both big lovey-dovies but also enjoy and want their alone times... and of course they're both spoiled, so are a teeny bit bratty, but that's my own fault! haha
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Personally, I prefer female cats. But that's just a preference. Nothing to do with breeds or anything.
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I'll speak from a cat groomers perspective as I only just acquired cats of my own this past year.
IMO males are more laid back, more tractable, and very mush less apt to go bonky during a grooming.

That said- when it became time for me to choose my own feline companions I got all boys, and could not be any happier.
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I have a boy and a girl. Monty is certainly more laid back. But, he does get into more mischief. He is always into something, tearing something up, knocking something down, meowing and causing trouble. But, it's all in good fun. Monty does have a schedule every morning when he wants a full kitty massage.

Bootsie complains more when I groom her (although, she's easier to keep still). But she is really affectionate and likes to sleep on top of me. She kneads me a lot as well but Monty never kneads and doesn't stay on me for long. Bootsie likes more gentle petting than Monty. Bootsie will lay on me purring for a long time (until I get up). Monty purrs in the mornings only when he wants full kitty massage.

They get along smashingly well and are both so uniquely endearing. Why not have a girl and a boy? If you get two that are related they're likely to get along.
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There are no hard and fast rules but many exceptions. Most of my males were a lot more loving, laid back and more people friendly then the females. All were raised the same way - same exposure to people, etc.

The females were more cautious around strangers and the males just jumped up on their lap. The females had to "think about and watch things" more then running up to a stranger.

My advice is that if you really wanted a male, then you should wait till the right male comes along - not settle for the female even if you want a cat "right now".
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I've never had a ragdoll, but I have two girls and one boy. They're all really laid back, but our male is more.. unaffectionate? I prefer females.
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Otis is more friendly with strangers than my 2 girls. All 3 love to be on my lap but Otis is the only one that will instantly jump into a guest's lap. This is the first time I've really owned my own cats so I'm not sure the trend but I've heard males are less tempermental than female cats.
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I have had both males and females throught my life and I don't find any hard and fast rules apply. I've had males who were extremely affectionate and others that were aloof. The same with the females. I think it is really all about the individual's personality.

When we got our oldest boy Charlie, I was initially looking for a female. We found Charlie, fell in love and the rest is history. I wouldn't trade him for anything. He is one of the sweetest cats I have ever met.

Our second "child" Casey is also a male and is by far the cuddliest cat I have ever seen. If you are sitting on the couch he is right on top of you purring like an idiot. If someone broke into our place and decided to sit for a while Casey would be right there for his cuddles!!!

To me the sex of the cat is irrelevant, once you fall in love it doesn't matter.
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It really is just down to personality.I had a boy cat who was the soppyest,most laid back cat iv ever had.Now iv have my girls they are both the opposite of laid back.
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