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Friend and a cat.

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My friends been coming round my house for a month or so now, and been around my cats, and the choas, to help her decide if shes ready for a cat.
I thought it would be a good idea to show her the responisbiltys and joy you get with our furry friends, I also explaind about vaccinations and spaying etc.

She loves tabbys she totoally fell in love with Simba, but she can't hsve him. shes older than me 23. no children, on her own and wants a fuzzy friend.

we went to the shelter I got Missy from, and she ppicked out this LOVELY female tabby, she was stunning cat, roughly 2 years old. was dumped in a bag, and the shelter took her in.

this shelter is ran by a lady whos absoutly lovely, she has all kinds of animals from guinea pigs to cats, to dogs, etc.

I donate food from time to time, and I knew my friend would find the perfect friend here.

Shes now taken the cat home now called, Angel,

Shes very timid at the moment which you can expect, but shes getting on fine, the problem my friend has is she bought a covered litter box, an she seems alittle afraid to use it,

I have some spare open litter boxes, that I have never used I keep them spare just in case a cat is ill here and needs to have some space alone,

Do you think if this box was put in a quiet space, she would be less afraid, shes beeing doing her buisness under the table,

My cats have never liked the closed boxes, mine all have open large litters with the big rims to prevent the kicking out. thats all I could think it could be, shes had a health check and shes perfectly healthy, just needs some love.

or maybe she doesn't like the litter?

I thought maybe you guys on here would definatley be able to pick out the problem, she maybe just afraid of her new surroundings. I hope in time she will settle down.
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Was Angel using her litter box in the shelter?

It could be the type of litter being used, some cats can be quite fussy about this sort of thing. Try using the same type as the rescue centre used.

As to the boxes, try putting a more open one where Angel is currently leaving her 'deposits'.

My Jake wont use a closed box either, he has a very large open tray. He had been messing on the stairs until we figured out what the problem was. It may be something to do with his size, he is a very big boy.

Jaz will use either, but Izzy will only use the closed box in the kitchen.

Its quite a common problem that most cat owners have to deal with at some time.

Good luck.
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The easiest immediate solution would be to take the cover off of the litterbox and see if that helps. I would also move (a) litterbox under the table and leave it uncovered. It's quite possible that she has had a bad experience with a covered box (being ambushed by either cat or human coming out of one), or just doesn't like it.

I'll move this to Behavior since it could be more of an issue than with the type of box. Though I certainly hope it isn't.
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