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New Kitten here!

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Hiya all! I am new here. I have 10 cats/kittens. Two four year old cats, Packer and Mazzy. One of Mazzy's cat from her first litter, Peanut. Peanut's three cats from her first litter, Poe, Gingerbear, and Baby. And Peanut's most recent litter of newborns. Two males and two females. Here is a picture of the new kittens.
Though now the kittens' eyes have opened and they have begun to run around all over. I am a female from Nebraska. My favorite things to do include playing music, playing with my cats and kittens, and watching anything with Jennifer Saunders.
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Welcome to the site. As you can probably tell from your other post, someone usually answers questions pretty quickly. There are a great bunch of people here .

You have quite a kitty family there...a kitty army .
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oh , HOW CUTE !!!!!!!!!!!
Welcom newbie !!!!!!!!
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Welcome - it sounds like you have quite the house full. I'm sure that you'll find this a great site - I know I do!
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How precious.....and welcome. Are you a breeder?
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Welcome to the site! Such cute little ones in that picture. We love kitty pictures!!!

What part of Nebraska are you in? I was born in Columbus and went to school in Seward (about 35 miles west of Lincoln).
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I live in on the very south west edge of Omaha. No, I'm not a breeder. Just a cat lover. I've had cats since I was very young. We had one cat who was an inside cat and a lot of farm cats. All my cats now are inside ones.
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Thank you all for your warm welcome and advise!
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Have you ever thought about getting your cat's spayed & neutered? It seems like they have had alot of litters...

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All the males are neutered and the females will be spayed when I get the money. Luckily they can't get pregnant anymore.
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Welcome!!! I see you've got quite the cat harem!:tounge2:
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Hey! You do have quit an army! I thought six cats was a handfull, I guess I was wrong. Of course my little Miss Kitty is expecting so my family is getting ready to expand. I can't wait it should be any day. The babies are kicking up a storm. The daddy is yellow so I should have a littler that looks like your new ones.

Welcome to the board, hope to here about your family some more.

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