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She has been a real lovebug again this week!! One of her annoying habits is to sit next to you while you are eating - she has to sit on my right side (I am righthanded) and press against my arm so it is tricky to move it, then grumble at you when you try and disturb her!! And if you carry on ignoring her, she will start putting her head on your lap, regardless of whether there is a plate or bowl there, good job I don't mind a few cat hairs in my food!! She is also such a nosey parker - any noise or anything, and she has to get up and investigate, regardless of how asleep she was!! She is allowed out now, but its too cold to attempt it - my friend thinks that she is too cute to let out, but she is so temperamental that I cant catch her half of the time in the house, so I doubt a stranger would manage it. She really is such a character, and even let me put a toy near her last night without scarpering - she is still really skittish, so normally runs when she is in a playful mood. Here are a couple of pics

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She's gorgeous Whats the traffic like where you live
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Also forgot to mention that she loves to sleep under the covers with you, and as close to your hands as possible. Traffic isnt a concern - i live on a dead end street that has 8 houses on it. There are at least 7 other cats on the street that go out - she is the only one of the 4 in my house that doesn't go out - she isn't really showing too much interest yet thankfully, but does sniff the letterbox quite a bit at night. Even though cats have been going out for years on this street (and at least 2 lived to be 17) I am still wary with newbies!! Will wait for nicer weather, I think - sun is shining here but it is very cold.
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arrrrhhhh what a sweetie i rember when my youngest cat was tht young
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Tilly Tiger - Molly is actually 13!! You are not the only one to think she is a kitten though.
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I would've never guessed that tiny cutie is 13.
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I know, she is really tiny, and does act like she is younger at times - but she was relinquished by her owners family when she had to go into a nursing home, so I would assume her age is right. Nothing showed up on her blood tests to indicate that she could be younger
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