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Ragdoll or Maine coon?

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My family and i are looking for a new friend for a our 4 year old cat cleo. Our beloved cat Cy passed away 3 weeks ago and she misses him dearly and seems so lonley. She gets along very well with other animals and we hope that she will get along with a new friend.
Anyways..to the point of this thread. We have adopted out past 5 cats from shelters and are considering getting either a mainecoon or a ragdoll. Does anyone have any previous exeriences or preferences with either of the breeds?
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I have moved your thread to Breeders Corner. You will get more helpful replies here.
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I am sorry to hear about your loss of Cy. May your memories of Cy bring you joy.
I have several Ragdolls, and love each and every one of them, so I will be a little biased. In general, all of our Raggies are door greeters. I think of Ragdolls as a velcro cat, they are always attached to us. They are very social animals, that get along well with cats and our 2 dogs. We have a combinations of lap cats, and feet warmers. They are said to be a quiet breed, but most of mine like conversing with us.
Some of our Ragdolls like to fetch, and follow us from room to room. I have heard Ragdolls referred to as a "puppycat" and I find that to be true of most of ours.
The coat is easily managed on most of my Ragdolls, but I do have a couple that do need a bit more grooming. In general, the grooming and upkeep of Ragdolls are minimal, as the coat shouldn't mat.
I don't know much about Maine Coons, except they are a large, beautiful breed.
A heart condition referred to as HCM affects both breeds. A DNA test has been developed to detect one of the genes of HCM in Maine Coons. They are still researching for a DNA test for Ragdolls, so right now routine ultrasound scanning of breeding adults is useful.
You will also find factual information on each breed from the specific breed clubs for Ragdolls or Maine Coons, as well as links to breeders in your area.
Good luck on finding a furry friend for Cleo.
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I have 5 ragdolls so I would recommend getting a ragdoll they are loving and crave attention, however if you buy two kittens that are the same age they pretty much entertain themselves.
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My Blueberry is a Ragdoll. She is a sweetie but she does not have many of the other characteristics that most Ragdolls are said to have. For instance Blue will not fetch, she will not follow me around, unless of course I have not been very attentive to the low food or water level in her bowl, and she is kind of shy and not all that social. She will let me hold her for a minute, then its "goodbye, gotta go". But she is affectionate in her own way, several times a night she comes to kiss me on my mouth or ear, purring like a vacuum, which can be very disorientating when you are deeply asleep. Even though she is not like other Ragdolls, she is unique, and cute. I would definitley recommend her breed.
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I'm so sorry for your loss.
I think that you can't go wrong with either breed they are both large, beautiful, wonderful breeds with great temperments! I have 2 Ragdolls (Maxie & Grady), but I also love Maine Coons & would love to have one... one day.

I think that you should get which ever look you're more interested in. If you want a blue eyed pointed cat, then get a Ragdoll or if you want something else like a tabby pattern or shaded, etc.. then get a Maine Coon cat.
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