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very odd behavior

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I love my cat. She is totally awesome, but she is also extremely psycho. She is only nice to me and my immediate family. It doesnt matter how much someone comes over, she acts like she hates their guts. Everyone else that doesnt live in my house hates my cat. Also, something i dont understand about her. When we first got her, i kept a beanie baby leapord in her bed with her when she slept. Now it is her baby. She carries it around and protects it. Sometimes she will bring it to me, but i don't know what she wants me to do with it. She gives it to me, and then gets angry cuz i don't do what she wants. I know it sounds nuts, but i'm just trying to understand her and her behavior. Anyone have any ideas about what she is thinking, or how i can get her to chill around other people.

just fyi: she will be two in August. She is spayed and an indoor cat.
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Hmmm. I've had cats like that..
Somethings you can do is rotate who feeds her and who gives her the primary care.

How often is she alone (completely alone) every week?
Have you friends offer her treats (that she likes) when they see her.

As far as that beanie baby. Far as I can come up with, she either wants you to play fetch with her, or she's just sharing with you
When cats 'share' its more of a 'hey look what i have, isn't it neat? ok now give it back."

As far as your friends not liking her I'm sure she can tell, and that doesn't help.

Try to keep her and her stuff centralized in a location like the liviing room, or whever you and your friends will spend most of your time.
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Good morning keggirl21,

Your story about your cat and her beanie baby brought a smile to my face. My dad's cat, Pumpkin, has a little stuffed dog (that was mine when I was little) named Mr. Doggie. When Dad adopted her, in 1992, she was 8 weeks old. She fell in love with Mr. Doggie at first sight. She'd drag him all over the house, and I literally mean drag. Mr. Doggie was just as big as she was.

Now, 10 years later, her favorite toy is still Mr. Doggie. He's lost all his stuffing, his eyes, ears and nose and is pretty bald. She loves to play fetch with Mr. Doggie, and no other toy. Have you tried playing fetch with your cat? Or how about hiding it in a paper bag for your cat to find?

Don't worry about your cat being psycho. My Ivo is psycho, too, but that's why I love her.

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One of my cats will not have anything to do with anyone but me. No one else can touch her, or even get near her. I've had her since she was 12 weeks old and she's 9 years old now, she has never been abused or mistreated in anyway. So I figure this is just her personality, a one person cat, that I am the one she feels safe with. Your cat may never be comfortable around other people. As far as anyone else liking my cat, I don't care if they like her or not, I love her.

As for the beanie baby, it may be like a security blanket for her.

Cats are like people, it takes all kinds to make the world interesting.
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