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yet another newbie

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hello everyone!! I'm thrilled to have found this site!!! I live in Sacramento with 2 cats-- a 2 and 1/2 year old ginger-tabby male named Henry (whom some of you have already gotten to "meet"...Thanks for your help!) and a 2 year old all white female named Simon (yes, Simon. She was so little when she followed Henry home that it was hard to tell and the name just kind of stuck)-- and a human named Dan. I'm relatively new to the world of cats (I grew up with dogs) these two being only the 2nd and 3rd that I've owned (my 1st cat, Gaby, a lynx siamese/tabby mix, had to be put down at the age of 6 because of acute renal failure).....
I always thought of myself as a "dog person", but apartment living and actually owning cats of my own has been a real eye opener.... as much as I would still like to have a dog again someday, I just can't imagine my life anymore without cats in it and a part of it.... (and having Henry around is almost like having a dog in some respects-- he comes when called (most of the time), he follows you around (the mailbox, the corner, the trash bins....everywhere) and he even enjoys "wrestling" & tug-of-war-type games... though he has never quite picked up on the whole fetching thing the way Gaby used to).....
Simon is more the "true" cat in the household, she's quite the little princess actually... the living room hearth is her throne, and she torments her "subjects" (i.e. our neighbors and their kids) by climbing into trees and pretending that she's stuck (the whole I'm cute and helpless and little and you'll risk life and limb to "save" me routine)... my roomie and I learned our lesson early on on that one (the hard way, unfortunately)...... we've had to put child locks on the cabinets (Henry) and if Simon had her way we'd have our own personal doorman...... heck, don't get me started!!! I could ramble on for pages/days about how wacky and silly and just plain hilarious those rugrats are.... if I'm this bad now, I shudder to think what I'll be like when/if I ever have kids!!! anyway, this is a great site and I'm glad to be a new member... the people here are great, very friendly, helpful and supportive
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Welcome to the site. I hope that poor, maligned Henry is feeling better after his ordeal.

I guess I was a 'dog person' before too since my family always had dogs. But, I always liked cats...I just never had any to care for. It wasn't until someone left a cat behind when they moved out of a house, and my family moved in, that I had my first doglike cat (she used to do little tricks and would go for walks with me in the woods ).

When you get a dog, you'll just have to make sure that he/she can get along with your purrballs. Some cats just aren't cut out for life with a dog but with any luck, your cats will be .
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Welcome, fellow newbie! I had to reply when I read about Gaby, your lynx Siamese tabby cat. My heart is buried with Jasmine, my lynx-point mix. She had renal failure also, but we had 14 wonderful years with her. We bred her with a tabby long-hair and got 4 beautiful long hair lynx points! We kept one (people were standing in line for these kittens!) and we had 16 years with him. Was yours very vocal? I hate to admit it, but after each one of mine was gone, we all kind of went, "Oh, wow, peace and quiet!" They talked all the time and generally narrated our lives. Our new little Siamese (seal point) does not talk very often. She has a beautiful voice, but saves it for late at night with her toys!
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W E L C O M E !!!!!
This site is FUN , full of FRIENDS , so
it is
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Welcome - I love the fact that your little girl is named Simon - that is priceless! I hope to see you posting often about your babies and anything you want to!
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thanks for the warm welcome everyone!! yeah, Gaby was very vocal (she got named on the way home in the car because of it) and she purred all the time... almost as though she was humming to herself or something.... I had never realized how loud the volume on the tv was until she was gone... I don't have much experience with seal points, I don't know if their talkers or not... my guess is it's probably only a matter of time though. The best part about Simon's name is when people who've heard me talk about my cats (coworkers, new friends, boyfriends, etc) actually meet her for the first time... the looks on their faces are priceless!!! I think they must be expecting this big, lumbering giant of a cat... that the only way a female cat would have a boys name is if she's just huge and gaingly or something.... and she's this teeny-tiny dainty little princess of a cat (she actually manages to make Henry, who's only 10 or 12 pounds look like a BIG cat!!).... it's pretty funny. the thing I love about this site (besides all the friendly people!) is discovering just how many other cat owners out there have pets with such diverse personalities, and the often bizarre host of quandries that can come with it.... to realize that I'm not the only one who feels as though my pets own me(!) instead of the other way around!!!
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Welcome to the site! I hope poor Henry was cleared of all charges.

I was also raised with dogs. Never thought I really wanted a cat, but we have 2 and I can't even imagine life without them. People may own dogs, but cats are definitely the ones who own their people.

Your Simon sounds a lot like my Ophlelia. Dainty, petite and a total princess! I can call Ophelia Precious, but she tells me off if I ever call her Princess. LOL

I hope to hear you posting often. We love hearing about kitty antics. It gives us all a chance to ramble on about our babies!
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Hey! I'm new to the site too, but eveyone has been great in welcoming me and my small army. I loved hearing about your little Simon, she sounds absolutely adorable. I wish my girls were little princesses, but even my 6 year old siamese persian mix named Princess is a little tomboy. Just wanted to say hi and welcome! Princess , Stink, Sam, Samantha:kitty5:, Precious:pinky:, Miss Kitty, and newborns #1 #2 & #3 say hi to you and Henry and Simon too.
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