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remember me?? Missed you all!

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Hey all---- I haven't posted here for a while....I've missed you all. I've been so busy. As some of you may recall, I started a job in October (working as a Elementary School Library Aide), and I absolutely love my job! I've been so busy with life stuff---but I pop in now and then, just to see what everyone's up to.
MA (Hissy) leaving the board, upset me. I understand the why's, but I will still miss her advice.
Also, as some of you may remember--I had posted several months ago about a travel log for my son. Thanks to all that sent stuff----and some of it is really incredible!!!!! I have promised to share it with everyone and I still make that promise....however, it will be a little longer before I can post the pics of the travel log stuff for my son.
I do the yearbook for my son's elementary school (the same one I work at) and I should have that finished within the next week (I hope!!), and then I can move on to the next project which will be working with my son to assemble the travel log. Part of me is procrastinating on the yearbook finalizing since this will be my last year doing it. I found I just don't have the time to devote to it, but unfortunately, no other parent(s) at the school are willing to step up and take over doing it. I am feeling a little overwhelmed with it as I am doing the yearbook on my own. But, I am also sad about not doing the yearbook anymore, and scared that there won't be a yearbook next year. Kinda confusing, I know.
Also, I've been so overwhelmed for the past 2 years with a bit of debt issues my hubby and I had. I am happy to report, my hubby and I recently got our debt taken care of, and we got a Chevy Grand Caravan Monday night! So, now we're back in debt again, but at least this kind of debt I can handle. (We had a BAD case of credit card debt---you know the kind where you owe all this money, and yet, you really don't have anything to show for the money you spent).
Anyway, I just wanted to say "Hey" and that I missed you all, and I'm glad that a lot of the "regulars" or would that be "ir-regulars" are still here, and welcome to all the newbies
I also just have to say: I really miss the "Caption This" contest!
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Hi!!!!! It's nice to see you again!
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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and letting us know you havn't forgotten us. I'm glad to hear you like your job, and I totally understand about the yearbook thing. And congratulations about paying off debt. DH and I have been working on that too. Don't stay away long!
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Nice to see you girl!
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Glad to see you again! Sounds like you have been VERY busy! Congrats on the baby is 6 y/o now, and the oldest is out of the house, so I downgraded from a minivan to a Taurus car! YAY! While vans are great when you have lots of little ones, getting back to a real car is nice, too! LOL!

I still have to be careful, though, not to offer to drive everyone's friends...I don't know why a 6 passenger car holds so much less than a 7 passenger van...but it does!
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Thanks all! I hope to be able to pop in here more often again, soon. I got 5 pages done of the yearbook....only 11 or so left. Then I have a LOT of typing to do and printing everything out! Must get back on it.
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It good to hear from you. Come back and say Hi more often.
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Hey there!!, good to hear from you!!
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Hey Santa!!
Glad to see you back on!
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Hi Ginger! So glad to see your back. I recently found my way home to TCS too and it feels great...........
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Welcome back! It's nice to see that you also haven't forgotten us - hope you'll be able to visit more often now,
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Hi Ginger! Glad to see you back!
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Glad to see you posting again! Was wondering how your son's project turned out.
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Hmmmm...I THINK this is "old home week" here!
Good to see you back and hope you can stay awhile!
I come and go here too, but ALWAYS, ALWAYS come back to "see" everyone!
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Hi Ginger!! Nice to see you back again - you sounds like you have been and are, REALLY busy!! welcome back to the mad-house that is, The Cat Site!
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Hi! It's great hearing from you!
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Wow, you all...thank you! I'm almost done with the yearbook....yay! I just have 2-3 pages to do. So, hopefully my son and I will be able to assemble his travel log next weekend. I'm looking forward to showing you all what generous members have sent for his travel log. One person even sent him some maple syrup! It won't fit into a scrapbook, but it sure will fit on my pancakes. yum! Another person sent a whole lot of stamps! When I am able to go through it all and am able to post pics, I will certainly give credit to the proper people. But, I just have to say, everyone who sent stuff for this project is truly amazing!
I am sooooo glad to be back!
Ginger a.k.a. "TCS Addict....and proud of it!"
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