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Egypt's Behavior?

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I'm treating her nicely and petting her and also carrying her and then she suddenly hisses at me with an angry tone. I am being nice to her every time and she suddenly hisses at me. What is wrong with her?
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I think shes probably still hurting alot from her declawing. Shes upset and has been through alot. Don't be to worried about the hissing it might be she just wants to be left alone and not be picked up as shes still not feeling good. Just make sure the paws are healing ok and not infected. Is she still on any pain meds?
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I agree with gardenandcats....she's probably just a little testy and irritated, and should probably be left to do her own thing. She's most likely still in pain, I know when my mothers girls were spayed, they didn't want to be picked up. The best thing to do would just let her be for now. Sit by her, pet her gently, talk to her softly, but don't force her to give love and hugs at the moment. When she's ready, she'll come to you! Hope that helps!
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I am giving her an Amoxi pill each day for 8 days and even before she got declawed she hissed at me a few times.
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Some cats don't like to be picked up or she may not like the way you are holding her. I can hold my girl cat Nepheline how ever I want, but Guinness (my boy cat) doesn't like to be held on his back like a baby. He struggles and scratches. Also, if she is busy doing something she may not want to be bothered at that moment. I notice with Guinness that if he is playing he doesn't want to be cuddled. You have to take cues from her to see what kind of mood she is in and act accordingly. My advice is to let her come to you. If she wants to be picked up or cuddled she will let you know.
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My two girls do not like to be held at all! Layla is my shadow, she follows me everywhere, and Stevie is more independent. They are not overly affectionate, which was something I needed to learn. I had to learn their personalities. I thought they would just want to cuddle because I love them! It's just not the case with cats. I heard that as the age, they have the potential of becoming more affectionate, but for now, I just let them tell me what they need and when the need it. I am their slave and love every minute of it!!

Don't take it personality!
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"Amoxi"? As in amoxicillin? That's an antibiotic to prevent infection. My cats didn't get it when they were declawed, but each vet does things differently, I suppose.
Did they give you specific meds for pain? We were sent home with three days worth of pain meds in oral syringes, to be given twice a day.
I do agree with the others. Don't carry her around, let her come to you. She's been through a lot of trauma and needs some time to regain her composure. Plus, if she's still hurting (which I would think she is), she's going to want some time alone to nurse her own wounds, as cats do.
Be patient. She will be okay.
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Eygpt likely is a cat that doesnt like to be held ... let her come to you....
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I have to echo what has already been said.

Charlie loves a cuddle and comes at every opportunity to be cuddled. Tommy likes to sit on you and be petted but not much for cuddles. Jade likes her own space but when she wants a cuddle she comes and tells you in no uncertain terms, then she likes to be hugged or held like a baby, usually you have had enough before she has but when you put her down she looks as if to say thanks and then goes on her way. Sol is also very independant and will come to be stroked and to have a chat with you, loved a cuddle when she was a baby but not bothered now, I guess she has grown up.

I don't think Charlie will ever grown up

Just give Little Egypt time, show her affection but don't force it on her if she does not appear to be enjoying the attention leave her alone, she will know where to go when she wants it.

She has had a very traumatic time, new home,new friends, big op etc... it will take time to settle in, but I am sure she will come round with time
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