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Pregnant Cat Behaviors??

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So, Heidi (the skin and bones pregnant year old stray that adopted us) is behaving oddly. According to the vet, this 5.25 lb marvel should be going into labor (or not) any time now.

I just returned from a business trip tonight and learned from hubby that Heidi has been doing some new things. Namely, she has developed an interesting short burst purr meow (she only started meowing alot and getting playful a week ago). Very odd noise.

Not only does she have this new sound, she's kneading with all four paws now (always a heavy front paw kneader). Just know, she added walking low in front with butt kinda up in the air with her hips a bit spread. She's also just introduced an odd tail spasm to her repertoire. She's now grooming her chest heavily and sometimes licking her bottom. I may have seen something at her bottom, but I didn't go in for a close look.


Thanks for being there!!!!
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Yes - she is dripping clear liquid from her bottom. I forgot to mention that she doesn't seem to want to sit down... But, she's liking to be rubbed
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Sounds like she may be starting something but cats can be funny. The kneeding could be a good sign. The discharge could mean soon but with my cat it started like 10 days before she had them. Although it was just a tiny amount so if it is more than that maybe soon. My cat got very loving the day she had her kittens. She climbed in my lap which she never does. Can't wait to hear some good news.
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Thanks ! I guess I won't plan on pulling an all-nighter then!!
Most of the weird behaviors have stopped now She is quietly perching on a towel next to me on the floor. She did eat a good amount and was grooming quite heavily. Now, she's just hanging out!

She still doesn't look pregnant. Can't imagine how tiny those babies must be (if they're okay). But she sure seemed to be acting like something was going to happen!

Thanks for the advice - I don't know what to expect!!!! She's just such a sweatheart... I want to do whatever I can for her.

Thanks again,
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Nothing new to report - a few repeat behaviors today.... Vet says it's very close. She implied that all signs I described earlier were pointing to birth be imminent.

With a low-weight, previously malnourished stray cat (she did gain over a pound in the last 4 weeks!), though, I'm still preparing for the worst. I'm trying not to be too wound up! As long as she is fine.....

BTW - for those that are new, our plans are to have her spayed and give her a happy comfortable home. She's been content for the past 4 weeks being an indoor cat and we hope to keep it that way!
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I hope that all goes well with her. It sounds like a fairly precarious situation, but I can tell that she is in good hands.
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This has been a pretty stressful weekend. Nothing happening on the kitten front. Been wondering if she lost them somehow along the way and now she's in heat ??????

Some of these are heat symptoms, right ????? butt up in the air and crouched down in front, tail raised towards the base and then often off to the side and spasmy, more vocal (no howling), laying on her side sometimes and then rolling onto her back or all the way over. No spraying. No howling. On the pregnant side of things: no searching out of nests, lays in the sun alot, some clear vaginal discharge (hubby said she got a bit smelly last night but I haven't noticed anything). Grooming has subsided back to normal.

We can't feel anything moving and aren't sure we can feel anything at all. Hubby had noticed something odd in her skinnier days (4 weeks and 1.5 pounds ago).

I don't know anything about cats - yet. I can't tell if her nipples are large - what are they supposed to be like????? She's missing a lot of fur all over from her stray days (she looks a lot prettier due to her bath and daily brushing) - I can't tell if she's missing more than she should be around her nipples.

We'll call the vet again tomorrow and see if we can get in to see her, but... help ?!?
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well it could be heat but my cat acted that way about 2 weeks before she had hers. I also thought she wasn't pregnant. Then about 2 days later i could feel them move so I knew. I would call the vet and have her looked at to be sure and then if she is not you can get her spayed.
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Well, it turns out she is now (once again according to the vet) not pregnant. We don't know what 5 lumps were felt previously or if she was pregnant and lost them or ... no signs of any kitties anywhere in the house.

So, she's once again exhibiting these behaviors 3 weeks later and we strongly believe now that they are signs of her being in heat. Sorry for any confusion.

Thanks for all of your assistance.
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Sometimes cats will absorb their litters for whatever reason. It did sound very heat like. The tail thing sounds like a spraying behavior, though your lucky if she just acts it out and dosen't actually spray!
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