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New kitty with an odd, er...haircut?!

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Hello again! As mentioned in my moving thread, while bringing small items to the new house today, a very small, but extremely friendly neighbourhood kitty was there to greet me and stayed with me until i left. (she helped me carry boxes and clean windows!)
Anyhow, she has a very...odd...trim. I'm not to knowledgeable with grooming cuts. But she's not a purebred, just your regular old run of the mill tabby (but beautiful, I might add!). She has all her head, and neck fur, a strip down her back, and about half way up her tail, and her paws. her bum, front and back legs, loins, and tummy are all shaved! When she was rolling around, i looked at her tummy and there's not signs of an operation, or skin probs, or anything like that. Is this a standard cut? The poor baby was shivering insanely when she came up to me, so i sat there holding her for a good 15 min til she warmed up and found a sunny spot on the porch. She honestly seems to be someones cat, she's very clean (ears, teeth, eyes). and the shave looks to straight to just be some neighbourhood kids after her with a razor. Any ideas?? thanks for the help!
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That's not what I would call a "standard" trim, but then clients ask for some very strange things sometimes.

Perhaps her fur became matted and the owner asked that anything salvageable be left? That's the only explanation for the mohawk you seem to be describing- unless the owner actually asked for a mohawk which does happen.

I would ask my neighbors who the cat belongs to- if it is shaved, then someone paid for it, right?
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Perhaps she got paint or some other unpleasant chemical on her fur and the owners had it cut off for her health?
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it *almost* sounds like a lion cut, and they are intentional . i've seen pictures on the web. personally, i thought they were goofy looking furcuts. it was nice of you to warm her up, thought.
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Weird....a kitty-hawk. (eyes her cat curiously...)
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Well...I found out what really was up with that little kitty...talking to my new neighbours I was told that the people who owned her lived across the street from us, they moved out about 2 days before we moved in and abandoned her!!!! GRRR!!! How can you just leave such a beauty behind?! I guess people are just idiots. SO...needless to say I have taken her under my wing. I'm a sucker like that, lol, but I'm sure you all would be the same way. She'll be going to the vets on Wednesday just to get checked. For now we've made her at home in our nice warm shed. We've named her "The Bride" after the Kill Bill movies. (They were the pictures I was carrying in the house when I first saw her.)
I just can't get over how ignorant people are, though. How can you get a cat shaved down with about 35% of her hair left, then kick her outside and leave like that?! It just breaks my heart to see that. So we moved in here with two kitties, and now there's three! I just hope she'll get along with my boys! I'm sure she will, she's such a little purr monster and loves curling up on my lap. Once I get a chance I'll post some pics up of her, then you can see The Bride's horrible haircut...!
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Occationally people will cut a cat like that to keep the fur down for allergys sake.
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Awww! Yay! I'm glad she now has owners that really love her and would never leave her alone outside again! (And will let her horrible haircut grow in so she wont be so embaressed in front of her new family)... I definitely would have done the same thing! Oliver was a stray in State College that just kept looking for love and that's how he got taken in! I'm sure she's happy and knows she's been saved from a horrible street life (man, can you imagine being beat up for that haircut?!?!)... good luck!
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I just seen a cut like this on an internet site. It's a variation of the lion cut called a punk cut. I guess someone thinks it's cute.
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Your awesome. I am glad you rescued her. I believe they did not get her hair cut professionally...that takes time and money. And if they are going to abandon her, I doubt they would invest. I bet the losers did it while drinking or something. grrrrrrrrrr

How ever, you mentioned you have two boys and she is a girl....that is a perfect combination, especially if she is smaller then them.
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we've had to do this for my mom's cat who has a serious problem with matting.

not too cute, but effective!
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You may be new in the neighborhood, but she sure found the right person to purr up to. Congratulations on the new addition, and let us know if you need any help with the introductions with your boys!
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I want to see a photo of her
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I'm so glad she found you guys.
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