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Moving This Weekend *sob*

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Well, long story short, we have to move. *sigh* I've been packing for about a month now and am so sick of it!!! I'm not looking forward to it, considering there's supposed to be bad weather here in the Falls this weekend. Lets just hope the fiance can keep the cube van on the road *lol* The new house is a lot nicer (still renting, mind you) it's a two story and I know the kitties will love all the windows, stairs and new things to explore.
Just wondering...I know I should keep my two boys in one room for a day or two, just to get them used to the new area and have a "safe haven" to run to if they need it. Is there a certain amount of time i should keep them in there? or is one or two days fine? We won't be bringing them to the house until we have everything moved in on Sunday.
So much stress...!!!! Wish us luck in our move, and I'll be online in a few days to update everyone about the move, us and the boys! Take care all!!

Roz, Steve, Spliff and Fatty

PS. I have some moving pics to put in fur pics, I'll post them asap! Also, while moving small things in today, i was befriended by a neighbourhood kitty! I have a question about her i'll be posting in grooming...thanks!

Link to pics:
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I am no help. Someone here will know lots more. I wish you well, though.
It sounds like you have a good plan. I'll be praying for all of you. Bobbie
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Aww, thank you so much! We need all the prayers and good vibes we can get! Thanks!!
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Good luck with your move. I'll be moving myself soon. I redirected your thread to Care & Grooming for you. You'll get more helpful suggestions here.
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Great! thanks for moving it, I wasn't quite so sure where to put this topic! Good luck with your move as well!
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I've always kept mine in a single room for a bit, in particular, my bedroom. It lets them get used to the new smell, and mine have always used my bedroom as their primary hideout. In particular in my new place, they always run back to the bedroom when they're spooked.
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I've always done that as well. I put them in the room that I wanted to be their "safe zone" (our bedroom). I also made sure that there were good hiding spots and familiar things in the room with them, as well as their food, water, and litterbox.
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Good idea with moving the kitties in last (Im assuming "Fatty" is one of the cats and not your fiance! )... When I moved into my apartment, Oliver went to the kitty sitter's for the day until everything was situated - unfortunately, it's a studio apartment, so I couldn't enclose him to a certain area, but he adjusted pretty quickly - about a day or so... when I take him home to my parent's he always goes straight to my bedroom for several hours - this gives him time to calm down from the carride and re-acclimate himself to the house... sometimes I don't let him out til the next day (we have a dog too and they dont really get along and my mom's semi-allergic to him so he's only allowed out of my room for the afternoons and part of the evenings and only while we're home)... so when my door is open, he decides when he wants to roam out and my room is always the place he runs to when something spooks him... I'd also suggest maybe picking up a feliway to put into whatever room they'll be in and give them access to something like a blanket that hasnt been washed since being in your old place...

Good luck with the move!! I'm sure your kitties will have SOOOO much fun exploring once they're settled!
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Moving is hard, but try to look more of a positive thing. Animals can sense stress and you don't want to add more stress on your cats.

Its better to confine the cats to one room for a few days and let them settle in. You don't want them hiding in boxes, or getting outside while you are moving things in and around.

Best wishes for a smooth move and hope you all settle in quickly. I look at moving as a fun thing - new changes, opportunities, etc. Hopefully you have a basic outline as to where you want the furniture - that's half the battle

BTW when are you guys getting married?
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We're moving in April and my husband and I are already debating this topic. We're going to move their things to the house first (cat trees, etc), some of our furniture that they spend a lot of time on, then move the cats. My husband says let them loose immediately and let them get over the shock of the move quickly. Some of my cats will adapt to that approach and others will be freaked out by it. We'll end up locking some up in rooms and let others roam free for a few days.

I hope the weather holds out for you during your move!! Your new place sounds wonderful!
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I would say set them up in one room with their food and water, litterbox, and some stuff that smells like "home", e.g. a set of your unwashed sheets. Keep them confined until the moving van is unloaded so you don't have anyone accidentally bolting out the door in a strange neighborhood - that's the worst case scenario! Once the stuff is moved in and you are settled down to unpack, open the door to that room and let them explore at their own pace. I know with my cats, they are relatively secure anyplace as long as I'm there so it's always a priority for me to have them see me going about my normal business. I've moved several times with my crew and they all settle in within a couple of days, even the semi-ferals.
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Awww, thank you all so so much for the great advice, good vibes, and caring! We had a great move and the boys are fine...we just let them out tonight, and they were happily adjusted and ready to explore! I can't thank everyone enough for all the great ideas...! They truly worked! Even though I had to sleep in the spare room with them last night, as they wouldn't stop meowing and clawing at the door. (can't blame them...somewhere new and weird and mommy and daddy weren't in the room.) Once I curled up in the spare bed, they were up there with me snoozing away! I never thought I would get that personal with my cats...especially with the litterbox a few feet from my head, LMAO! (some noises are just better left to the imagination, if you know what I mean!)
And if you happened to read my other post, they'll have a new sister very soon! I just hope they'll be little gentlemen!
Again, thanks for all the advice and help, you're all amazing!!!!

ps. We'll be married in a few years...have to save up some money, as our parents would kill us if we eloped, LOL!
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I'm glad the move went so well! Congrats on the new house - and the new kitty you're going to get! A lot of excitement lately, huh? Now you can finally settle down, I hope.
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Yeah, the stress level is definately down now! Now it's just lots of organizing, I'm just so happy that the worst of it is over with!
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I'll bet the cats are very happy that it's all over with now too!
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