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My cat was spayed today...

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My cat was spayed this morning and she is home already! Is this pretty normal? She appears to be doing pretty well, though as can be expected she is pretty groggy and sleepy. I need some further advice here. Should I not pick her up at all or too much? I did pick her up once and she yelped. I realized I should have supported her hind quarters and I didn't. Also the vet gave me some pain medication. They told me about making sure she eats and keeps it down before I give her medication the first time. So if she does not eat, I just don't give her any pain medicine? They said not to give it to her on an empty stomach. The incision is very neat and the stitches are completely hidden and they will dissolve on their own they said. And should I be really concerned with keeping her warm or if she appears comfortable she is ok? She acts like she has trouble getting comfortable and keeps changing positions.
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It is normal. She will mostly just want to rest today. I would refrain from picking her up for a while. As mine never had pain meds, someone else will have to answer that one for you. My vet told me to only give water to them on the night I brought mine home (same day pickup) because they'd most likely just puke food back up...
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Ok. She had food in her dish but she has shown no interest in it. I was just wondering because I know with humans it is harder to control pain once it builds up. If you can take medicine before it gets too bad you are better off and thought maybe it could be the same for animals.

Does anybody know what Pet-tinic is? I did a little search on my own and from what I can tell the vet gave me PET VITAMINS and NOT pain medication!!! Please somebody tell me I didn't pay $15 for a 3/4 of an inch of pet vitamins!!

Never mind. My paper says Torb/Liquitinic. Which is a mixture of torbugesic (pain medicine) and vitamins. I feel better now!
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Gosh, I'm sorry I can't give you any advice. Our Mika did not get pain meds and we brought her home also the same day as her spay. She was fine - she was a bit groggy for about 24 hours but didn't lick excessively and didn't need an e-collar.

See how she is tomorrow and if she still isn't eating or drinking then you may have to entice her by heating up the food a bit (to make it more smelly ) and maybe try feeding her from your fingers.

Let us know how she makes out overnight.
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Mine weren't given pain meds, either. I 'd let them snuggle on the couch or my bed & cuddle up next to them & lightly stroke their head & back. It seems to keep them more at ease. Please keep us updated on how your little princess is doing. I know how difficult it is to see our furbabies uncomfortable, but it's such a relief when they get neutered. As for my crew, being neutered seems to bring back that kittenish behavior that I find utterly charming and entertaining.
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At the foot of my bed is my home theater system box. On top of that I have a folded blanket and my Kitty has slept there for months now, because she usually accidentally gets booted while sleeping on my bed with me. She has been sleeping up there all evening and just a few minutes ago she jumped down. That HAD to of hurt! The box is like 3 or 3 1/2 feet tall! It sounded like she kind fell when she hit the floor. I tried to stop her but wasn't quick enough. I have fixed it so now she has a ramp to get up on to the bed and then she can step from the bed to her box to sleep. She ate a tiny bit of tender vittles very hungrily but left a small amount there. After she jumped off her box she ran under the bed indignantly. I hate to see my baby like this! It is so hard! A few people have told me that cats are drama queens. If they know you are watching they put on a really pathetic act. But she does have to be sore.
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It is very hard the day or two after the spay. I would say if your vet said don't give her the medicine unless she eats, to follow that. Otherwise, the medicine may make her nauseous, and she still won't eat!

My foster Sugartoes had a lot of trouble eating after she was spayed. I ended up feeding her table foods to get her to start eating. A better choice would be chicken baby food.

You can expect your kitty to be more sleepy, and tender for a few more days. Keep checking the incision...just in case there is any redness or separation.

I have never heard that cats are drama queens. More the opposite, that they hide their pain so well that you don't realize they are even sick! I know that was true when I had a kitty sick with FIP.
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She seems to be doing pretty well. Tomorrow morning will mark 48 hours since the spay. Today she ate half of a 5 oz can of wet cat food. I have not noticed her throwing up or anything. The only problem I am having now is getting her to take it easy and stop trying to jump up and down off things!! I came into my room a few minutes ago and she jumped down off my desk! My desk is pretty high (30 1/2 inches). I just worry she is going to make her incision come open! They used the absorbable sutures so there are none visible and she doesn't even bother her incision. She got out of my room this morning and ran downstairs and acted like nothing was wrong. Are these tough critters or what? I have not given her any of the pain medicine and she has been fine. Sleepy but otherwise fine. She has been eating, drinking and using the litter box, so I guess she is well on her way to recovery.
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Sounds like she is well on the road to recovery Cats don't have the same inhibitions about pain after surgery like humans do, so the fact that she is jumping around etc is quite normal. Do please keep an eye on her and try to keep her calm if you can - it will aid the healing process
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Ling was spayed and sent home same day with some pain medicine. She was fine. I just scooped her up and held her carefully without stretching her. She didn't like the pain medicine. DH had to hold her still while I shot a dose down her throat...

But you should exam the stitches once or twice a day to be sure she's not bothering them or they become infected. If the area is hot to the touch, call your vet. They will look a bit red for a few days, but the red should start to fade - not get worse.
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