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Rosie is just too adorable!
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OMG that last picture is wonderful!! I love Rosie!!! More pics please!!
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Rosie is so cute I could just die! I love that pic of her tugging on the camera strap!
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Oh my gosh look at her in that last pic!!
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Rosie is too cute..
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Rosie just has so much expression packed into that adorable, fluffy face. She's gorgeous!
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ooooo. i love that face!!
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Awww bless, i've never known a cat that is so expressive with her expressions as the beautiful Rosie. That last picture is just precious.
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Thanks I really needed the hahas right now!
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Awww, bless her!

Susan, you really are such a meanie Meowmy!
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Great pictures Susan . Just look at that last picture - I hope you feel thoroughly ashamed of yourself now Those sad little eyes - how can you refuse
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How in the world did I miss this thread with sweet Rosie's latest antics?

Susan...your little girl has done it again...won my heart.
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
What a face!! She's such a little character!!
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I just love this photo - it's sooooo precious!!
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What a little character she is!

She has her own fan club too.

In that last pic, she looks like a little child almost, she is too funny.
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I love your little rosie! she always takes the most adorable pictures
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You know, Susan, Rosie has the most beautiful green eyes - it's hard to tell in some of her other pics because she is too busy talking to you! They are stunning, she is stunning, I want her I want her...
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aaaaaawww she's quite the little camera star isn't she?
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Originally Posted by KitEKats4Eva!
I want her I want her...
Nooooooooooooooo!! The boy kitty across from me was watching her wash herself from his window this morning I've taken a picture but i don't know if it'll be clear enough, but i'll check it tonight when i get home.
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Aw she's precious!
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Oh! So precious!!

I'm a big fan of Rosie and Sofie's black triangle noses.

Those Calicos...always with the attitude!
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