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Originally Posted by HopeHacker
He basically told me, I was lucky that he allowed me to work for him. ..........My boss siad that no one would hire someone who was limping their way into the interview. He's probably right.
I'm just seeing this now. Hope, your boss is controlling you and making himself feel better by putting down people who surround him. He has the issues, you don't. It's one thing to have to listen to those words and totally another to believe them. Don't feed this power trip he seems to be on.

I also know that when you have one job, and have been there awhile, you feel like it is the only job and you think your options have been narrowed down. In reality, they haven't, but you are placing mental barriers on your own options and future success.

I think the easiest and most productive thing to do at this point is to start sending out your resume to staffing agencies. Go and talk to a few of them, and if your skill set is limited see what training they offer. The only person in control of your future is you.

There are options out there, but you have to want to make the changes. We can say everything positive and give you encouragement on this end, but you are the one who has to take that first step. You have to believe in yourself.

Good luck Hope. Taking the first step is always the hardest.

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8 years ago i was 18 and a senior in highschool. I was planning to go to college for my psychology degree and this would have been around the time I picked out my prom dress. I don't even think I could compare my life now to then. I was more hopeful then, but more employable now. I have my degree, but am not doing anything with it. I don't know. I wouldn't want to go back, but I wish I would have woken up more then.
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Better for sure, After loosing my first hubby to cancer 11 yrs ago at the age of 50 I was so lost, we had been married 34 yrs I was 16 he was 18 when we married, it was like living outside myself. Then I met a Great guy who saved me emotionally, we have a good life he's a wonderful person.. Although it's not the same I alway's say I'm as Happy as I can be, meaning it's not what I had planned but it's good.
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I was 14 and amped out of my mind on hormones and prescription medication.

I'd say I'm better off now.
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I agree with the others. That boss of yours is trying to crush your spirit.
Evidently he hasn't heard of the Americans with Disability Act!! I too would check with the staffing firms about a different postion. Then leave him when that better job is found!!
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8 years ago i was almost 16... i grew up A LOT since then, and although times are pretty hard right now, I guess I'm better now... ask me again in another 8 years!!

HOPE!!!! Let me tell you... I work at a BIG insurance company and I see people limping into work every day... a good company will be happy to employ a good worker no matter how they get to their desk. Go to a site that shows how to put together a good resume (my specialty ), and start sending!! It definitely sounds like your @ss of a boss has gotten to your self esteem, exactly what he's trying to do. And let me tell you, your self esteem is way more important than your income... but you need to be paid what your worth!! Please take our advice... you will feel so much better about yourself... and definitley look into what your state can do for you as far as disability, you may be able to get assistance and still be able to work. Best of luck Hope!!!
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I am (we are) much better off.

We just built a new home (that we designed) out in the country on the property where I was raised.

Financially we are much more secure.

Our kids are nearly grown - both are out of high school and my nest is empty, so I don't have the same struggles of raising kids.

My job is awesome! I work for an excellent company. I've never had a day that I wish I didn't have to come to work.

(Hope... I wish there was a company like mine where you live. It makes me really sad to hear what your boss said to you) (btw, my name is Hope too )
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We are better off now than 8 years ago, as my husband has been working again for the last 18 months. I have also found work so money wise things are much much better. Life wise, things are getting better as our health is improving and we are able to get out and about more. Children are teenagers now so things can be very shaky, it was easier when they where younger.

Hope, I would be devastated if my boss spoke to me like that and I think that you should start looking for another job, one were you will be payed what you are worth and appreciated.
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Eight years ago I was working and could walk on my own. In 2004 after several falls, I had a broken pelvis and leg (in 3 places). I was in bed in a care center for three months. Now my cats and I have an apartment in an assisted living community. I need a walker or wheel chair. I can walk slowly if I have a person or sturdy thing to hold on to. All the money I need for rent etc. comes out of my 401K. I have applied for SSI and was turned down.

Right now, I am on a long sick leave from work. I probably could go back to the same job using my wheel chair. I also could take an early retirement next January.
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Yikes! So many of us think, "It won't happen to me!", but the truth is, "it" can happen to anybody.
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I was 11/12 back then, i miss it because i had alot more fun!

Like Kiwideus says, I was more open back in australia i feel really trapped in Germany!
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