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canine extraction - she's not eating

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Yesterday when I woke up, I say Mafy opening and closing her jaw, moving in and out her tongue and she was drooling excessively.
I took her inmediately to the vet.
At first, the vet thought she had a jaw fracture, after further examination he noticed one of her canines was almost completely out.
X-rays were done, her jaw is fine but the vet had to extract her canine.

I have no idea how this could've happened. The vet told me she might of hit herself or maybe she got her tooth stuck on something and pulled.

my problem is that she's refusing to eat. I bought wet food because it'll be easier on her.
She hates wet food, I even tried to warm it up a little to get it more "smelly" but she's not interested in eating.
I tried spoon feeding her, it didn't work.
I put a bit of water on her dry food to make it softer thinking she might prefer to eat it.
Nope.. nothing.

At least she's drinking water.

I'm not sure if she's been eating without me noticing it. Maybe she ate when I was having a shower or when I had to do a few errands.. I'm not sure.
is there anyway for me to know she's eaten?

what can I do to make her eat? or to get something, anything, in her system.
would it be ok to give her something to stimulate her appetite?
I don't want another day without her eating.
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After Twitch had all of her teeth removed, we watched how much she ate closely. She loves tuna, so we offered her some. We even mixed tuna in with her favorite canned food. We gave her 12 bites of dry food & left them there. When we came back we counted how many were in her bowl. Twitch drank mostly cat milk & licked all of the gravy off the canned food, but didn't eat much solid food.

For the first two days, she ate almost nothing. Think about people getting teeth pulled, they don't eat much fro the first day or two, either.
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You might try to offer her a little chicken or turkey meat baby food that she can lap off of your fingers if you are willing to let her ... warm it in a bowl of hot water, so that it is comfortable on your skin, not too hot, but not cold either. Hopefully, she will start eating on her own soon, but until she does, you can try the babyfood - I have had a lot of success in using it here with my prior oldies (now sadly at the Bridge) and young'uns too! Best of luck and please let us know how it goes?

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Another thing you might want to try is putting about two tea spoons of her dry food in a mug, pour over boiling water and microwave until it's really soft. Then scoop out the mushy biscuits and let them cool slightly. It smells very strong and is soft enough for them to eat! You could also put this on tp of some warmed wet food to make it more appealing!

I hope she's eating soon!
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