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Cat Condo's?

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Can anybody help me? I was given some advice bu Sar that Giz may like a cat condo/tree. I really think this would take away ALOT of his energy and I want to buy one for him. I have looked in argos and there are a few but there is one that I know Giz would have the time of his life on. It's £60 and although I can afford it, I just wondered if anyone can advise me where I can get one a bit cheaper?
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Well im in the States. But ebay has really good prices, i got 2 cat condos for $100 and both are nice and that includes shipping. And my kittens love it
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Thanks I will try ebay
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Ditto Ebay- I picked up a couple of "Bigfoots" and they are extremely well made.
Can't recall if I have seen any UK sellers, though.
Do your local pet shops have anything suitable?
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argos have one for 30. its a bit small but my cats love it. we have 2.

why not make one?
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If you have a branch of Lidls near you it is worth look when they do their pet specials, they seem to do it about every three months. I got a cat tree a couple of months ago. it is about 5feet high, three levels, a tunnel and a hamock and it cost £10. If you check the website you can see when they are doing pet specials
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I got both of mine from ebay too!
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Thanks all
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Do you guys have Wal-mart? We have a tree/cat condos from there that our kids love and have held up over the years.
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Yea, Walmart has some cheap ones, that arent name brand, but good enough for your furbabies. They'll love any cat tree. It's like an instinct or something. They're just drawn to it.

But on e-bay they have some REALLY cool ones, for cheap, but the shipping is a bit outrageous, BUT..for the price compared to the stores, you'd be better off with e-bay ones. They are really cool...If i had 75 extra bucks...I'd for sure go with ebay
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I got one on Ebay for $40 in the US, and that included the shipping. I just kept bidding over and over until I got the price I wanted. It took a couple weeks, but I got one heck of a deal. Good luck! I got mine specifically from the seller Armarkat.
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