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Eating attack?

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Do you ever get a eating attack?
I always seem to get those when the fridge and pantry is empty!

I'm hungry
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Ive just had one! Fran you not eating at all
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Im waiting for my two packs of stir fry and chicken nuggets to arrive Eat one now, and the rest tomorrow
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I ahve those all the time and we never seem to have what I want to eat.
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Uhhh..I usually get those whenever it starts to get could outside OR umm...once a month
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I just eat constantly... actually, I'm eating a bag of Gardettos right now!
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now i feel like a little piggy!
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I get like that too - usually when we just get groceries and we have all this food in the house, I want to eat it all at once!
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He He! My down fall is that is stop to get fresh meat 3 or 4 times a week and there is anythign and everything I want to snack on. Yummy! I was eating my lunch at breakfast today! LOL Just the salad part. Yes i know I am strange for eating salad for breakfast!
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I'm stuffed to the hilt as well, and this wines going down a treat!
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Let's see, usually happens to me whan I'm stressed, sad, mad, happy or bored. So, pretty much all the time!
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I have a sweet tooth. So if theres anything sweet in the house I have to eat it.
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Originally Posted by fwan
now i feel like a little piggy!
That's better than a big piggy!
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