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I remember...

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I remember a field trip my kids made into Boston many years ago. They were in their early teens. I came home from work and heard the story. My Daugher and Son found a baby starling on the sidewalk. What they did next surprised me. They brought it to a vet. They sat in the waiting room untill it was their turn. They presented the bird to the doctor and I'm sure he gave them a diagnosis that was puzzling at best. He took the bird and sent them on their way. At the payment window they recieved a "No charge". I really think good things about this doctor for taking the time for the kids. Certainly not a selfish individual.
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Sometimes it is nice to remember that there are still good people in the world.
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What a wonderful example that vet was to the young people!! Sometimes I think that the truest wealth is being able to be generous, no matter how many or few material possessions one has.
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Thats lovely, and i bet theres not many teenagers would rescue something and take it straight to the vet like your children did
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What a wonderful memory. You must have been really proud of your children for doing that.
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thats such a sweet story.
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