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In my family being late is a way of life. If you're on time, you're considered early.
Work, of course, is a different story. We just switched over to a new time clock system where you stick your hand into this thing that scans your handprint to punch in and out. No more cheating on attendance!
I drive the company truck, and punctuality is important, but I sometimes can't help getting stuck in traffic, so my vendors and customers have to cut me a little slack. What really annoys me is when someone in production, QA or shipping is late getting an order ready and I have to wait for it, then I have to hurry to deliver it before the customer closes for the day. Fortunately, most of my customers are very understanding.
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I put `late people don't bother me' but I have to qualify. ONLY if it's a one-off thing, or not often. People who are consistently, always late make me really angry. I think it is just super-selfish. Sometimes it can't be helped, sure, but EVERY time?
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I arrive at work at least 45 minutes prior to starting. I work 12:30-9pm, so I go to the cafeteria to have lunch with my friends who work the earlier shifts. At my job, if you are habitually tardy, you won't have a job for very long. They are very strict about it.

By being early, you are not as rushed, thereby more relaxed.

I hate being late anywhere and I do not like it that people stroll in to a party very late and expect the host to cater to them. If they arrive after the meal is over, then don't expect to be fed.
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Originally Posted by Leto86
I don't care if other people are late, thats their problem.. unless it affects me then I don't care.

Like on Tuesday.. I was the first one in the classroom, 10 minutes before we even had to be in there.. but then half the class came in 10 mins late, so she marked us all late. I have never been late, not once.
It wasn't fair of the instructor to mark all of you late. I would go to her and state that you were not late and you would appreciate it if she would mark that you were on time.
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47
I can handle people being late, if they call to let me know. What I have difficulty with is people who just never show up on time, and never let you know what's up. THAT is disrespectful. Delays happen, we can't help that, and as long as I know you're going to be late, I can adjust and make use of the time, at least up to a point.

I'm always early also. Never been late for work.
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Late doesn't usually bother me unless I am going somewhere or doing something on a schedule. Especially if it's a few minutes. Five or 10 minutes out of my day is not worth getting mad about; life happens. As for work, if I'm counting on a coworker to be there so that I can do my job, his lateness could be annoying, but if I'm not, it's none of my business.
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I already cannot stand having to depend on others. Them being undependable does not make it better at all.
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