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Friday I took in a male cat that a gentleman told me was feral. When I took the cat the man had been riding his bike from one town to the other just to feed and water him. He had built a shelter for the cat and someone had torn it down. So he called me and I went and got the cat. Anyway I am at this point thinking that this cat is not feral at all. I had not touched him at all because this man told me he was feral, however yesterday being the daring person that I am. I reached in there. He was meowing and I wanted to see why, he let me pet him. With no problem I might add. The man a priest came down last evening and I showed him that this cat was letting me pet him and he couldn't believe it. He told me that this cat in all the time since September 2001 had not let him touch him until recently. This man has the scars to prove it. He was astounded that in just two days this cat was letting me pet him. I truly believe that cats know when someone is going to be kind to them and when they are going to be mean. He will be going to his new home tomorrow, but he will make someone a wonderful pet as long as they are kind to him. I will miss him, he is a nice cat.
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That's so true. Animals have a sense about people. Some people I know will let their pets, especially cats, meet the new girl/boyfriend and if the cat doesn't like her/him they are really cautious about the relationship.
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I agree...I think all animals can sense this about us!! There is a cat here that comes and goes, and will only let ME near her...hubby and the kids can't touch her....not that they would hurt her or anything, but she just feels more comfortable with me, I guess.
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*snickers* Asim doesn't like most the guys that come over.
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They really do know. My neighbor outback came over and he let her touch him to. However, when my girls father came over forget it he hissed and growled. Doesn't like him for nothing.
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heres something that still creeps me out. at our old house i was sitting on my stairs inside. sitting on the stairs you can look out the front door. following me? anyway, i was sitting there (on the stairs)loving on zazu with the front door open. screen door was shut and locked. a man came up looking for someone. i told him he had wrong house. zazu started growling as soon as he seen the man. and stopped when he left. zazu has never ever growled his whole life! and has not done it since. that was 4 years ago. to this day, i think he knew something, i did not.
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