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Do cats drink coffee?

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Maybe they do....
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That is too funny!
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Blackie does!

If I leave a cup of coffee around long enough to cool off, Blackie is sure to dip his paw in and have some!
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Mine do - especially Ripley,the monster man. He figures whats mine is HIS! (he is right, too)
too many naps.........too many naps........gotta have the caffeine!

ps.where did you find that pic of me? I thought I had destroyed it !
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I don't know about coffee, but Cleopatra LOVES the smell/taste of beer. She only got it once, and that was an accident!!! She will never get any again, even though she tries. What a lush.
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Fred loves to sniff my coffee every morning. He also loves White Russians. I left one unattended once and he drank about half of it. He leaned against the sofa for awhile, then he kinda slithered into a heap on the floor. The next day you could look at him and see he had a little kitty hangover.
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I've never had a cat that drank alcohol


When I was a teenager, my mom used to have a gin and tonic every night when she came home from work, and the greyhound we had would always stick his long and skinny nose in her glass and drink the last inch or so.

He always spit out the lime, though.
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That is too cute!! And I also have a furry pawed "drinks tester".... down goes a cup of coffee/tea...... in goes Merles paw..... :laughing:
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LOL, that's funny! Casper and Kitty don't drink coffee though.
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That is to cute! :tounge2: Any beverage in my house hase to have the top covered or the cats (especially Excalibur and Merlin) think it is fair game. So all my drinks are on AND under coasters.

from "a cat's little instruction book"

Never go to bed with a resentful heart or dirty face

Be astonishingly mysterious
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I thought coffee was poisonnous for cats ????
Can someone please advise us here ????
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Too funny! My kitties like to drink water, milk or juice from my glass when I leave it out when I eat. Its pretty funny!
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Much to my husband´s distress one of our cats dipped her paw into his tea and seemed to like it. he could barely save his mug which he likes to leave on the floor in front of his sofa.So no surprise the cat tested it They want to try whatever we drink or eat.We are mean enough , however, not to allow that.They occasionally get very few selected morsels.I`M glad they like their dry food.(precept)Since I feed precept our older cat has filled out beautifully without getting fat and the Maine Coon has developped a good frame but is still somehow skinny which doesn´t show because of the beautiful furcoat.She has still 3-4 years left till she is fully grown. So that´s it for today from this side of the Atlantic which is northern Germany not far from the Baltic Sea.Best wishes Elisabeth Provos-Killing :
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My Ivo gets nervous when I walk around with things in my hands, which means she tends to avoid me when I drink. She will sniff anything that I put on the floor. Beer interests her, coffee and water are so-so, but sodas scare her, especially if they are very fizzy. At least I don't have to guard my drinks when she is around

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