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I'm asking in regards to my 2-year-old cat, Mammers. Here's his history, sorry it's long but he's had some troubles:

His aggressive behaviour, combined with his tendency to run himself into exhaustion and a minor heart condition we though would be worsened by it, caused him to be on Clomicalm (very low dose Prozac for cats) for a while. The vet said that likely he wouldn't need to be on the Clomicalm permanently as he'd grow out of his behaviour (kind of like humans that are on Prozac for a while end up getting so used to their emotions being stable that they no longer need the medicine; they can self-regulate).

I got a new kitten, a female named MineMine, and Mammers LOVES her. He plays with her and cuddles and cleans her and is generally very very happy. So happy, in fact, that he started gaining more weight. I got a little worried because he was big to begin with and took him off the Clomicalm, thinking that with the kitten to keep him happy the medicine might be over-compensating. I think I was right, because where before if he missed his medicine he was very aggressive and would bite he's now been off of the medicine for a few weeks and he's happy and gentle as a clam. When I take MineMine in to be spayed in the next month I'll have Mammers' checked to make sure it's okay to keep him off of it.

Now, the last few days I've noticed that he's had pretty soft stools. They're solid and not watery, but soft. I usually check his bum after he poops to see if it's messy, since he's a longhaired cat and sometimes turds do a little "tag along" on his hair (lol). Tonight, though, I noticed a little big of mucus-like blood, bright red. Just a tiny bit. I've also seen a couple of small stools on the floor, but I'm not sure if the softness of them just caused them to stick to his fur or if he's not making it to the box. I've never seen him squat on the floor though.

He's eating fine, drinking fine, and acting fine (playing, wanting to be petted, etc). Other than the occasional turd, he's going in the litter box and not outside it. I'm a student and I'm reluctant to take him to the vet, spend all the money in my account, and find out he just ate a piece of garbage or something that irritated him. What should I be looking out for? I didn't notice any worms in the stool.