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Cat toy WARNING.

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I think we only have Pets at home here over in the UK.

but i've had a terrible experiance, and just wanted to warn you all, my friends, about this awful cat toy from pets at home.

Every so often I get my babys a new toy, as the others get destroyed within days.

poor mouseys on his last legs! he's only got one ear!

I went into there store to buy some new toys for them, I don't usually buy my cat toys from here, I get them from a local pet store, but sadly it's closed down,

I thought i'd pick up some new balls for them, as the others seem to dissappear, i've probably got thousands under the fridge!

I looked on there website to find you a photo this was best I could find.

it's in the pick and mix section is a rather large ball, with a glitter apperance feels soft and rubbery.

I picked 2 for my kittys and brought them home.

I was in the living room, playing with them and bought out there new balls, I threw the first one and Simba was playing,he only bit it slightly and the thing shatterd sort of split into pieces!!

Star had ran off the with the other, I looked to see where he was the same had happend only he was chewing on it!!

I picked him up got it all out of his mouth scooping it out, and made sure it was all gone, I vaccumed up the rest. I was horrified. abousltey horrified.

I cannot tell you how much I paniced. It's made me really nervous now about certain toys.

I found this website which seems to have decent toys, do they look safer? http://www.puddlepetcare.co.uk/acatalog/cat_toys.html

I just wanted to warn members who may have seen these balls, I would hate anyone having the same horrbile experiance as this.

Take care.
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How awful! I'm so glad you were there supervising your cats' play when that happened...

Honestly, I've seen a lot of toys for cats that I sure wouldn't feel comfortable letting mine play with. Small parts, glued on sequins, poms that were less than 1/4" diameter used as buttons and eyes... These were made by all kinds of brands, many otherwise trustworthy brands.
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i had a similar experience with the glitter balls with a bell in them. it fell apart when played with. there's another kind that looks like a "koosh" ball that raven actually ate. talk about a panic attack! he threw it all back up, but that's another one we dont buy. the guys really like puff balls (i only get the soft ones) and mice (i buy the ones made with fake fur, usually are strange colors).
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I know! I bought a mixed stocking of toys for Phenom on sale after chritsmas. There was a soft ball like cottony or something with metalic strands coming out if it. I tugged gently on some of the metalic and it pulled right out! I had to pull all the metalic out before I could let Phenom play with it. I could see her tearing them all out and eating them. What are some of these toy companies thinking?
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Claire, thanks for the heads up! I've bought some toys from Pets At Home for my girls but luckily, not that ball. I got a couple of balls that have the bells in them but they don't seem particularly interested in it. I think I will put it away for now. You should complain to the store - I dread to think what would have happened if you hadn't been supervising their playtime!
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Oh my! That's horrible! *frown* We had a prob with some toys we bought at Walmart. (not that i'm knocking walmart, I LOVE walmart, i just picked out some not so cat-friendly toys) The plastic balls with the little bells in them. i squeezed them as hard as i could and it didn't break, so i figured it was safe. Spliff took a good chomp on it and the silly thing shattered in his mouth! Good thing I was there, and he spit it all out (and i checked his mouth). So needless to say we only stick with soft plushie toys now!
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Thanks for all the replys!

I've contactd he store, and they've had a few complaints before, I asked if people have complained they should be taken off the shelves!

the man on the phone said he will talk to the manager of the store, later, i'm ringing back tomorrow and seeing whats been done about it.

I mean if it was one ball it happend to, it could of just been a faulty one, but this was 2 of them in seconds, and they have had complaints before,

I hope this gets them taken out the store, if not I shall go down in there and tell them exactley what happend face to face.

In 20 years of having cats around me all my life, this has never happend with any cat toy this way, shatterign all glue and glitter and all sorts fell out, it's just not on,

i'll update with what they say.
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I had an experience with a toy from petco. Any way its a little mat type thing that the cats can claw at. It has fake "whiskers" coming from it. Well, I noticed one day that the cat's poo had "sticks" coming out. I couldn't figure out what they were for weeks!!! Finally I figured out that Rocky was chewing and eating the whiskers off the toy! I cut them off. He also tends to chew on broom sticks too.

Here is the link to this thing:

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this is why I make my own.
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Originally Posted by Abigail
this is why I make my own.
You do? Wow, that is great! How do you make them? Just simple string and stuff? It's a very good idea. I'd like to make my cats toys.
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Originally Posted by sweetiecat3
How do you make them?
i make felted wool balls and snakes and mice. the snakes are thick eyecords knitted and then thrown in the wash to shrink and I bought a mink hat for $8 on ebay and tore it apart to make little mice. and she loves teasers: dowels with ribbons and feathers attachehd to the end of cording. I duct tape the cording to the dowel.

she also like paper cord double knotted esp if I spritz it with honeysuckle

and she adores a chiffon bag I made and zippered . I put balloons and crumbled paper inside and she loves to wrestle with the bag and there is no danger she'll eat the paper or swallow a popped balloon.

If your cat likes catnip (mine does not) you can stuff any of these things with catnip.

Have fun!!
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