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What virus could I have ...

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Last night my little baby sneezed and gobbed cat snot all over my face...
today I have a sore throat and feel like hell.

It is possible for viruses to transfer from animals to humans, so I'm just curious about what I could have been exposed to (I'm not worried about anything severe.... I'm just a BIG science geek)

Anyone know what common viruses inhabit the respiratory tracts of cats??
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I do not believe your sore throat was the result of your cat sneezing on you. For one, these illnesses can not be transfered from your cat to you and from you to your cat. Second, the virus would not take effect so soon, even if you could catch a cold from your cat. Most viruses take a few days to incubate before you will feel sick.
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I`m not an expert...but I think it would be quite unlikely that your cat would transmit something like a cold to you...probably you were exposed to a person who passed it on to you, and the timing was a coincidence.
Keep an eye on your kitty though.....if the sneezing and or the snottiness contine you may need to take your baby to the vet.An upper respitory infection can get bad fast and you may not realize it until the kitty is quite sick. They tend to try to hide pain and sickness.
I hope you get to feeling better soon!
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Many cats develop the sneezing, runny nose, and general lethargy of an upper respiratory tract infection. However, even though the outward signs of a feline URI resemble the signs of a human cold, most of the organisms that infect a cat’s upper respiratory system have no effect on people. And the opposite is true, human colds will not infect cats.

As we know, there are a lot of constantly changing viruses which can cause colds and flu in humans. According to recent research studies, we can trace most of the feline URI's to two known viruses: feline viral rhinotracheitis (FVR) and feline calicivirus (FCV). There are several different strains of both viruses.

Neither have any effect on humans.

This all now being said - if your cat "sneezed and gobbed cat snot" all over your face, have you checked in with the vet to see if she needs antibiotics? Not to be gross here, but what color is the mucous? If it is green or yellow-green, she needs medication to clear it up.
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It's a coincidence. You picked up a cold in the ordinary way...from shaking someone's hand or touching a doorknob or something similar.

As for the cat, she should see a vet and probably needs antibiotics, but she'll be fine too.
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