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New here!!

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Hello we're new!! I'm Liz, mother of eleven from Australia. Two children, six cats, two dogs, and one parrot. Here's piccies of my furbabies!

Here is Jasmine. She is the boss cat, an ex stray who wandered into our yard one day, set up house in our house, and had four kittens, one of whom has gone to our friends, and three of whom will be staying with us. she is now desexed, and her sons will be desexed in another 2 months.

Here is Garfield; the mischief maker! He and his brothers are 4 months old

This is Congo, the gentleman of the family

Charlie is our parrot

this is mango, my little meezer boy; he is 8 months old

Here is Cougar, my sweet meezer ladycat she is 10 months old

Here is Moe, my little snugglebunny. This is our little family!
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Hello Liz, welcome to the site Your pictures did not come through.
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Hi Liz....and welcome to all of you here on TCS!
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Welcome Liz!
Pity, I can't see your pics either.
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you have a Jasmine and I have a Jasmine I can see your pictures just fine!!! A couple of them are a bit large... would you like some help in resizing them? If so please send me a private message
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Hello there Liz and welcome to The Cat Site

We are glad you found us...

You will love it here

Looking forward to seeing your pics

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Welcome to Tcs...
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Hi Liz What a wonderful family you have! I love that first picture
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Hello and welcome!!! What a beautiful fur/feather family you have!
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Your pictures do not owrk on my computer. Sounds like you have a fairly busy household, though. Welcome to TCS!
post #11 of 13 so cute!!!
Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!! ....

See you on the forums!
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Your photos don't show up for me either but I looked at the properties and went to your website. Pretty kitties. If you want to have photos show up here you can get a free account on They allow linking to photos.
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Hello It's nice to meet you!!

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