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Wukong fell from a height of 4 storeys.. advice needed!!

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Hi, need some expert advice.

My baby boy Wukong fell out of a window in the middle of the night and went 4 storeys down to the groundfloor. He's got no broken bones, but is very reluctant to walk, has lost all his usual spritely spirit, and isn't eating nor drinking. We have been syringe feeding him water, but getting food into his system is proving to be difficult. He refuses to chew, and just swallows whole.

I noticed his lips are a little pinker than usual, and there are 2 sores on his upper lip. He most probably injured his mouth during the fall. The vet did not notice this.

Need some help here... what's the best way to help his sore mouth heal? Should I bring him to a vet? Will they be able to do something for him that I can't?

Also, while waiting for his mouth to heal, how and what should I be feeding him? Need urgent help here... hope you guys can advise me!
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Holy cow! Poor must just be beside yourself worrying...

Has he been to the vet yet? If not, he definitely should just to make sure he didnt' crack ribs or anything.

I'll move this to Health & Nutrition where our experts can help you out.
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Maybe try some warmed chicken or turkey meat baby food. If his mouth is sore (did he break or damage any teeth? If the vet missed the sores on his lips, then did he even look inside his mouth?) then he will not want to eat because it causes him pain. The baby food can be either syringed in or lapped from your fingers if you are willing to do that for this scared little guy.

Gently warm the baby food (I set the jar into a bowl of hot water for about 5 minutes) and offer it to him on your fingers. If he takes it from your fingers, he might also be interested in lapping it from a saucer or paper plate.

Poor little man! I hope he feels better soon and sheesh - I also hope he doesn't take any more flying lessons!
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if his lips are paler than normal check his gums too,pale gums are a sign of shock and it can affect his internal organs may start to shutdown,take him to the vet as soon as possible.

i pray all goes well
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Did your vet check for internal injuries?
I would take my kitty back immediately to be re-checked.
Let us know what you find out.
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Hi all, thanks for the prompt advice. Yep he was taken to a vet ASAP, she ascertained that he's got no broken bones, but she didn't take an XRay. And now that we've noticed something the vet didn't, I'm starting to doubt her abilities!!!

Shd I seek a second opinion or should I observe him first? I'm really short of cash right now, have been in debt, and my salary's not much to begin with... It's not that I don't wish for my boy to get the care he needs, it's just that I can't afford expensive procedures...

I'll be sure to check his gums. He won't lick anything off anywhere, we gave him small bits of kibble but he wouldn't chew, just swallowed the whole thing. I doubt the vet checked his teeth... (wasn't there. He was staying at a friend's place when it happened... long story...)

In the meantime, are there any danger signs I should be looking out for? He's been lethargic since the accident happened. Very slight improvement, but still very reluctant to walk or even move. He'd sit up and watch his mother play, but he'll flop back down and go limp on the floor after a while...

I'm really worried about him..
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i would say he already has danger signs,you know he isnt right.
make arrangements to pay the treatment in installments
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I understand the money problems but I think that that it is critical your sweet kitty be seen again immediately.
I would want x-rays and other tests to be positive there are no internal injuries or broken bones.
This could be serious.
Your kitty could be in pain.
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Over the years I have been caring for cats, I have come to trust my inner voice when it comes to whether or not something isn't as it should be. As the saying goes, "If it doesn't feel right, then it probably isn't." If you seriously feel that the vet missed something or that there is more going on than what you were told, then yes, by all means, seek a second opinion.

With regard to the mouth, I would be worried that teeth were damaged and that caused the wounds to the lips. If for no other reason than that, I might try to take a look inside his mouth or have my vet take a look inside his mouth just to be cautious. I realize that not everyone has unlimited resources (lud knows I don't have any "extra" money laying around!) but if he hasn't started eating by late tonight/early tomorrow, I would go ahead and get him back in.
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OK thanks guys... you're great

I'll make an appt with another vet... really don't trust this one now... sheesh!

Will update yall... meanwhile if anyone has any different ideas on how to get him to eat, that wld be great.
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Maybe I misunderstood but if you think that there is a chance your kitty has internal injuries...please stop delaying and go to a vet.
Good luck and keep us updated.
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Oh no no I'm not delaying. As I said earlier he was rushed to a vet. She checked him over and declared that he had no broken bones. Since there was blood in his urine, she said he might have torn his bladder, or it might be UTI, or just the shock.

Vet kept him at the clinic for half a day to observe him, but he wasn't eating or drinking and thus no urine sample for her to collect. So we took him home with vet's consent... and observed. His urine was completely normal the next time around, so we weren't worried and took the vet at her word. However, now that I've found his mouth injuries which the vet didn't check for, I'm startin to doubt her.. ha..

So yep I'll be making an appt with another vet and bring him there for Xrays on Saturday.
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Thanks for explaining. It sounds like you are taking good care of Wukong.
I would keep a close watch on her and if you detect any changes that concern you...take her in sooner.
Let us know how the feeding goes. Gayef had some good ideas for you.
Also, you might try a search in this lounge to see what you come up with.
I'll watch for your updates.
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hope wukong is feeling better now...
meanwhile, give him a huge dose of hugs...
i'm sure he'll be alrite soon...

lotsa meOws,
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Am at work now, relying on his "nanny" to update me. She said this morning he was purring and asking for skritches. Hope that means he's feeling better. She's gonna get a larger syringe and try to feed him food and water..
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When she checked for broken bones, did she check his bottom palate? As she missed his mouth she may not have looked at it. I had a cat once who leapt through a lace curtain and fell two stories and he broke his palate by hitting his face on the ground as he landed. That would cause difficulties with eating and drinking that you have noticed.
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Oh noo.... I think she paid most attention to the legs. Don't think she checked the palate. I'll be sure to ask the other vet to check his mouth out. Thanks for the advice! I sure hope he hasn't broken anything
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Originally Posted by gayef
Over the years I have been caring for cats, I have come to trust my inner voice when it comes to whether or not something isn't as it should be. As the saying goes, "If it doesn't feel right, then it probably isn't." If you seriously feel that the vet missed something or that there is more going on than what you were told, then yes, by all means, seek a second opinion.
I read a study done with Moms and kids...the same thing was proven. Medically speaking, if a Mom says something isn't right with their child, the doctor should listen, because Moms know better than doctors. I'm sure the same would be true in a study done of loving caring pet owners and their pets.

I hope Wukong recovers and is able to eat soon. Maybe while at the vets office they can give him subq fluids since he isn't eating or drinking well.
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Please heal quickly, Wukong, for both your sake & Decadenz'!!
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I hope there aren't serious injuries!!!! Sending you good vet appt vibes!!!{{{}}}
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How frightening! I hope that everything turns out well. Thinking of you both and sending many good vibes your way.
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Happy news: Wukong is eating on his own! Last night, my friend (whose place my cats are staying in right now) put him in front of his food bowl, and he attacked the kibble with little coaxing. She said he's chewing normally and was obviously very hungry... poor baby.

I'm still going to send him in to a vet. This time it's the one recommended by my friend. I'll have to make an appointment with them as they're highly sought after. I really hope they'll be able to tell me for sure that my baby boy is fine. Thanks all, for the kind words and sound advice

Will update yall!
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Oh I'm glad to hear he's doing better! I've been thinking about him alllll day long!
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My cat, Liah, fell 4 stories as well, onto pavement. I took her to the ER vet, they did x-rays and saw that she had contusions on her lungs (bruises), and a broken pelvis. She had to stay in an incubator all weekend for oxygen, and then had to have major surgery to pin her pelvis back together. Hopefully your kitty isn't in such a severe state,and hopefully by now you've taken him/her to another vet, but a couple questions:

have you noticed any wheezing? I'm wondering about the paleness -- if this could be a sign of oxygen deficiency...

the fact that the cat doesn't want to move -- of course there will be muscle soreness even if there are no broken bones, but like everyone else said, you have to take xrays to know for sure.

Lots of luck, and be sure to let us know how the vet visit goes!

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My baby boy is on the mend... his nanny told me he actually jumped up onto her bed. Since he made such a quick recovery, we are obseving him a bit before deciding if he needs to be looked at by another vet.

Debra... I'm really sorry to hear about poor Liah's fall. I hope the poor girl's recovering well... Do keep us updated!

Thanks for the tips, fortunately, Wukong hasn't been wheezing at all. His nanny spends a fair amount of time with the cats and she would have noticed if he's not breathing right.

To everyone else: Thanks for keeping Wukong in your thoughts
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I am so pleased he is recovering well after such a horrific experience.
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We live 3 storied high. This is a reminder that we can never be to careful. are amazing.
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I hope this kitty is continuing to improve.
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Lots of hugs and vibes, get well soon
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