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I caught a baby mouse!

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When I picked the kids up at the sitters this evening, she was upset to see a baby mouse in her kitchen. She said she is really afraid of mice, unreasonably so. So she gave me a bowl, and I put it over the little mousey. Then put a piece of cardboard under it, and picked it up. Since she lives in a little neighborhood, and I didn't have a way of transporting the mousey far away from the house, I just let it go out in her plant beds at the corner of her house.

That was the slowest moving mouse I have seen, it must have be scared by me. But when I let it go, it took off running. It is really warm outside right now, and hopefully the mousey will find a warm spot soon.

How cute! And how often does a mouse in a house with a dog AND a cat get to go free?!? She thinks it came in through the garage, and will block the hole so no more mice come in.
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Thats one lucky mouse!!!
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Very lucky mouse indeed!
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Aww, I'm glad you rescued it! It's a win-win situation- now more mice in the house, and the mousey is freeeeeee!
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Wow, that is a very very lucky mouse!
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You are as bad as I am! We've had no mice this year, thanks to DH finding where they were coming in last year and plugging it up. Last year, though, it was crazy!
I can't take the adult mice. I feel sorry for them, but they gross me out. The babies, however, are a different story.
One morning, there was one in the sink, frantically trying to get out, and getting nowhere, of course. I caught it, took it way out back by the grain bins, and set it free. Much to my husband's chagrin, I must say.
A few days later, there was one in the laundry hamper. I dumped the hamper into the bathtub, sorted out mousey, and set it free in the same spot as the last one.
Hubby still teases me to this day that it was the same mouse, back inside again.
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Well, it was awful cute. I've never been able to catch one at my house. We have an older house and there is always somewhere to hide. This little guy was in the kitchen corner, kind of under the overhang of the cupboard, so he thought he was safe. He didn't move too quick inside the house, so he was easy to scoop up. I just hope he makes it somewhere warm before nightfall...but he looked about half grown, with full fur. (Not like Jenny's baby in another thread!) He will probably do just fine, and run back inside tomorrow! LOL!
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