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Save Her!!!

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Oooh! I really need help! My neighboor has just come to ask me for my cat`s cage, and she is going tomorrow morning to put her to sleep....because of blood in her urine (wich I assume is UTI or blockage? She said the poor little 3 years old girl was doing fine with the special food, but she can`t afford it anymore. (This is really frustrating to me because I always say, if you don`t have the money to care for a cat, well, don`t get one!!!)
So now kitty is back to normal food and started to bleed again, and her husband is making her got to the final vet visit tomorrow.
I told her that I would do research tonight and try to find something that might save her....is there any food or product that she could give the cat so it doesn`t happen? I`m so sad. This is such a minor problem...I just can`t beleive one would give up on a cat so easily.
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Many pet food manufacturers make a Urinary Tract health formula ... they might not all be great foods, but if money is an issue and it comes down to finding a cheaper cat food that meets the urinary tract health criteria or euthanizing the cat, I would suggest trying a cheaper food first! What was the special food she was eating? Is there a way to buy it online that may save her money over buying it locally? Can you help her out financially to cover the difference? Can YOU take this cat in the event nothing else works?

Realistically, this kitty needs to see a vet again - if she is presenting symptoms of an infection or crystals, he will need to assess her in the event she requires meds to clear things up.
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A no kill shelter would be better then putting her to death!
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Originally Posted by gardenandcats
A no kill shelter would be better then putting her to death!
I second that!!
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Alomg the lines of what Gayef is saying... can you call the vet and ask what otc food they would recommend... there are many and in this condition I find vets do know what works and what doesnt..
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*sigh* we don`t have any no-kill shelter around here...
The thing is...the cat was medicated a few times already, and she says she doesn`t have enough money anymore. She says the food is 25$ the bag, wich in my opinion is not that much... But I can`t take the poor cat, I have two already and they are taking lots of time and energy and space.
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Try posting here to rehome her.

Here are some links I found, but they might not be in your area (you'll need to scroll down to get to some of them):


If none of those are near you, then I would suggest that you ask them if they can give you a few weeks to try to find her a home or find the resources to transport her to one of the no-kill shelters. Maybe even the wife would be willing to drive her some distance to surrender her to a shelter so that at least she has a chance to live.
Good luck, and thanks for wanting to help your neighbor and the cat.

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