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Hi Rigel,

Glad to "hear" from you!!! Senor Milky is looking as good as ever I see.
I miss your posts here!!

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Its great to see that you were on line today.

Milky is handsome as ever.

Come back soon.
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Oh Rigel!!!!!! I have been away from TCS too! When I came back I was so sad to see you weren't here amigo! I am glad you are back, you and that handsome cat of yours are doing fantastic. Milky's looking majestic as always!!!!! I hope you and your wife are doing wonderful!
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Hi, Rigel! It is so good to hear from you! Hugs from Becky, Festus, Garfield, and Jasmine!
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Good to see you Rigel!!
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Hi Rigel I am glad to see you posting again just hasn't been the same around here. I am also happy to hear that your family is doing wonderful and Milky is looking good too. Hugs to all!
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Hi Rigel! It's always a treat when you pop in here! Thanks so much for posting new Milky pictures!
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Hello my Friends!!!!....just to say hallo again!......
I honour to all of you it would be NOT FAIR if I say to some names to say thank you for your nicely replieds to this Thread, but I Fair to say

THANK YOU FRIENDS OF TCS!!!! for let us presents in your thoughts and your warm and good wishes to my family and to me!

I´m glad that you enjoy the pic´s of King Milky! ....

we see you around!
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Hi Rigel!!!!
Miss ya!!
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Rigel stopped by to say Hi.

How are you doing Rigel?
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Hi to Diane and Lei!! ....Fine my friends!! we are fine!
Milky send to you so many scritches and headbutts!
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Its so nice to see you around the forums again! We sure do miss you!
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Rigel! We need you in the recipes thread! Give us some authentic stuff man!
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Hi Rigel! Just wanted to pop in and say hi!
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hi Mackenzie!

Hi Shannon! ...Absolutely!, you need more mexican recipes??? ...send to me a PM! ...

Samantha! .....I miss you so deep! ...thanks for wrote here! ....

In general!,...hi friends just for say hello again and quickly! ...
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Hey Rigel!

How's work? Do you have internet at home yet?

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Hi friend!

How is work going? I hope you get internet at home soon - we all miss you so much here!

Its nice to see you around here once in awhile!
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Yes, how is your new job going? Well I hope
nice to see ya pop in
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Hi Rigel - it's great to see you here . We all miss you so much .

Hope the new job is going well and that Gema and Milky are fine.
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Hola Amigo! I got your PM and am so glad to see you, only if for a moment. Cheers to Gema and Milky from Jerry, TTP & B and myself!
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Hi, Rigel! We miss you so much!!! Hope all is well with you, Gema and Milky. Tell your handsome boy that Claire says "Hi!"
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Hiiiiiiiiiiiii my great and wonderful friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .........
I miss you to all of you!!! ...

I try to replied to all of you!!!

Natalie!!! i miss you too! you fantastic siggy!!!!

Mackenzie, the work is ok until today,...I see a couple of thinks that I don´t agree but I´ll try to overtake it... no luck yet with the internet at home!

chichismom! you always so kind with me!!!

Beth!!!!...after long time we can´t see it here! thank you for your warm words!...

Susie!, thank you My sweet ANGEL!....( you to know what i´m talking about it! )

Eileen!!! I really miss you so deeply to Claire!!! give to her for me a big kiss and another from Milky!

I miss you friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....
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