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I really to miss you! ......Until now afte to get the new job is possible to me to plug at internet again!

Thank you for your nicely concern about my person!!! ....I receive a lots of PM´s asking about how I´m in the new Job!.
I really Aprecciate you kind and nicely concern about my person! and I Beg to all of you to keep patience about my absence here!........God!, I really miss this site!.....

I´m working so hard to get internet at home!,....this means that I have to buy a PC, and to contract the service, not all service are availables to my home.....Why? because for example we don´t has Cable TV!....my area is a bit far from the service are available,......So I´m searching for a Modem service by Phone, BUT I need to check the prices......Oh my all a conquest too! .....

thank you again my dear friends for your patience and for you nicely concern about us!!!!

Kisses and Scritches from Milky to all of you!
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Hi, Rigel!!! It's good to hear from you...I've missed you (and Milky, too)! So how IS the new job going?
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How is the new job going?

Let me be the first of many to say "Welcome back Rigel & King Milky!" Should I bow, too?
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Good to see you!!
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Hope you get net at your house soon!
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We sure have missed you here on TCS - best of luck to you with the new job and getting the internet at home too!

Hope to see you more often!
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Thank you my friends for you nicely words and your great support!!!..
Believe me, is soooo hard to live without TCS!!!!!

Tari, about the new Job is another kind of presure, but work is work, now I has more time to be on home and I´m happy for that!

Natalie! , you´re super! ....I really appreciate your "Welcome" grettings!!!!!

Pombina and Brandon!.....thanks a lot for your nicely words and happy Birthday super belated to you Brandon!!!!! 02/09/06!!!!!
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Thank you Mackenzie!!!! .....
I´ll try to be in touch while I Can!

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It's great to hear from you Rigel. We've missed you and King Milky!
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Originally Posted by CoolCat
Pombina and Brandon!.....thanks a lot for your nicely words and happy Birthday super belated to you Brandon!!!!! 02/09/06!!!!!
Lol, thanks a bunch!
Best of luck with your new job, hope it works out well
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It's so good to hear from you!!, we all miss you so much here!
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Originally Posted by CoolCat
Tari, about the new Job is another kind of presure, but work is work, now I has more time to be on home and I´m happy for that!
I know what you mean...I think every job brings its own variety of pressure. I'm sure Milky appreciates having you around to wait on him some more, though!
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Hi Rigel MISS YOU!!! SAy hello to Milky from Chichi, as you can see from my siggy she is very angry that she has not been able to talk to Milky

Glad to hear from you Can't wait to your back full-time
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Hi Rigel!!! It's so nice to hear from you again!
I'm glad everything is going well. Oh yes it must be VERY hard to live without TCS I can't imagine that!!

((((( hugs )))))

Best wishes to you....

I can't wait till you're back!!
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Hey Rigel,
Glad you are working on getting a computer for your house!!
Is this job better than the last one??
Hope all is well with you, Gemma and Milky!!
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Hi Rigel! We really have missed you! I waved westward when I was in Mexico last week!
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Oh, Rigel and King Milky! And Gemma is doing well, too? I was so excited to see you posting again! You have been missed , but now we are all happy again !
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So good to have you and Milky back. It was just too quiet while you guys were gone.
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Kitters and I miss you!

And your friendly posts! We look forward to hearing from you more hopefully soon!!!

Take care Rigel, Gema, and Milky!!!!
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It has been awful lonely here without you two!
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Hola Rigel!

How are you, Milky and Gema? I was thinking about you this morning!

Great to hear that you have much more time at home, must be such a great break!

I look forward to seeing you back regularly again!

Lots of love to you all!
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aww RIGEL atleast i am glad to see you post!

*gives you, Gema and milk a very big hug*!!!


Fwan, Kaylee and Teufel
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Aaaaaaawwww we miss you too!
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Hello Again! ...
I have no words to all of you to say THANK you!!!!! for your nicely WORDS, and your warm wishes!!! ...You´re so kind!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the name of King Milky my Wife and I,

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Hello! It is great to see you on the forums! We miss you Rigel!
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Hi Rigel! I was wondering what happened to you. I wish you all the best with your new job and hope to see you and Milky on here again soon!
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I was wondering how you and king milky were doing the other day!

I cant wait till you are on the boards like you used to be!
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Glad you were able to check in. Good luck on the new job, and hope you can get online at home soon.
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Hi Rigel!!!! It's wonderful to hear from you again, you have sure been missed!!! Hope you get a home computer real soon, it just isn't the same without ya!

and purrs from
Diane and kitties!
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Hi Friends..........I been here just for a while moment........Not luck with the internet at home........So...I hope can I be here often soon around! .....

I really love you TCS!!!!!! ....

to see you soon!
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