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Playing, or lack of interest in

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Hello, all.

I'm a newbie who just started posting today. My cat's story is posted on the New Kittens on the Block (gee, I hope I'm getting that right) forum, for a little more detailed explanation of how we came together.

Briefly, Ivo (1 1/2 yr old spayed tuxedo girl) was a stray that I took in. She most likely had been mistreated and was wary at first, but now has become absolutely comfortable in my apartment.

I work during the day, and so I've tried to provide an environment that is interesting for her. She has access to all the rooms of my apartment, except for two storage closets, and is allowed on most of my furniture (so she has a lot of places to go). I've bought her a kitty condo, that sits by the window, so she can watch the world (lately, my neighbor has been putting birdseed out, and Ivo just loves watching). She also has lots of toys, like balls, turbo scratcher, stuffed animals, etc.

The problem is that she does not seem terribly interested in interactive play. When I first got her, we could spend an hour with the cat dancer. She'll still play, but for only 5 or 10 minutes at a time. She'll wander off, go to eat, or go on her kitty condo. I know you are supposed to keep your cat entertained and interested with play, but what do you do with a cat who could care less?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Maybe she needs some new toys? I have one of those cat dancers(It's so funny to watch them play with it) along with a billion other little toys for them. My gang loves interactive play but they will get bored if we keep playing the same game.

You might have to invest in some new toys for her and switch them around. Cat dancer on Monday and Tuesday, cat nip springer on Wedesday and.... well you get the point.

A couple good sites for toys online are http://www.drsfostersmith.com

Or I'm sure there's tons at your local pet store.
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She sounds a lot like my cat Poppy, who was abused. It took a long time for her to trust again.

The things that make Poppy the happiest are a nice warm lap, accompanied by petting hands, and warm soft cozy places to sleep, and windowsills from which to watch the world...or at least our little piece of it. Oh, and lying on the heating vents.

Poppy is just not that playful. She occasionally will play a few minutes with the laser toy or the feather wand, but then she moves on. Sometimes she will suddenly start playing with a piece of paper or crinkly wrapper for a bit, but overall, she's just not that playful.

I'm not that concerned with it. She has plenty of things to play with, and plenty of opportunities to play. She just has a more relaxed personality. I think she needs a kitty size bumper sticker on her rear that says "I'd rather be napping!". :tounge2:
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My 2 cats (both between 2 & 3 years old) go through play "slumps" too.... I think it's probably pretty normal (if there is such a thing when it comes to cats) and I've discovered that often their favorite toys aren't really toys at all.... they love the plastic twirlie off the milk jug, qtips, ponytail bands, those little laser dot/light thingies, antenna balls..... Henry is more into interactive play; he is a bit of a big galoof and likes to "roughhouse"/wrestle (modified for kitty and human conmfort and safety, of course).... Simon is more into the laser light and chasing things...and they both adore(!) those feather-stick things (but they don't seem to last more than a few days at my house)...as long as your cat is healthy it's probably nothing to worry about.
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Good morning,

Thanks for all the advice. I was worried that she wasn't getting enough stimulation, but at the moment, she seems really happy. It just may be that she is not very interested in interactive play right now. As long as she doesn't start destroying my apartment, we'll be fine.

As for solo play-this morning at 3:30 Ivo woke me up, playing with the new mouse toy I bought her this weekend. It's got a coil in the middle, so it stretches and bounces, a bell and a feather on the end of the tail. When I showed it to her on Saturday, she sniffed it and turned her nose up at it. This morning, she was batting it all over the apartment. At least she's playing...
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My Ophelia wasn't into playing at all for quite a long time. She was playful as a kitten, then kinda lost interest. She would occationally play, usually by herself with a toy but not all that often. Then she found her favorite thing in the whole world. I had some leftover craft trim still on the roll from making Christmas ornaments. She doesn't play with it alone, only with adult supervision. I whip it back and forth and she just goes nuts chasing it. She begs me to play with her all evening when I am home and she is awake. She's actually changed her nap schedule (!!) so we can play while Trent is still sleeping (he jumps in the middle of the game when he's awake). BTW, she just found this game in January or so, and she will be 3 years old in August.
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Try a laser light !! My cat does not play very much eather !! But that light makes him crazy !! hahahaha
Tie a ribbon to his tail ; that is fun too and he will chase until he can pick it !!
try it !! success !!!!!!
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