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Holy Shamoley!

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I have never really shopped for canned cat food online before. Holy shamoley! I cannot believe how many different types of food there are out there! The kitties are getting:
Nutro pouches
Merrick(every kind they had)
California Natural
for sure, but I am still shopping! I am looking at AvoDerm, Evanger's, Newmans Own(bought it before, was OK, but kitties prefered other foods), & Evolve. The only time I heard of those was on here, so I am now actually looking into them.

Any suggestions on others I should find online? If I remeber right, I have heard very good things about Evangers. I think I heard about AvoDerm & Evolve, but I can't remember what.

Edited to add: Now I know how you people that live in populous areas feel. I have to drive an hour to get any "good" canned cat food & then all I can get is Nutro & Wellness.

Is Pro Pac any good? I have never heard of it? There are so many choices I might have to be picky & only get the chunked ones. I was pleased to see that AvoDerm has chunks in cans. Twitch prefers the chucnk ones so she can lick the gravy off easier....
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I picked up a couple cans of each better quality (no by-products) canned food and tried them with our kitties. Turns out they preferred the Merricks so that's what we have stuck with.
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pro pac is good and my girls like it ... evangers is great the only flavor so far is the seafood and cavier they didnt like... evole is good but I think it has garlic so I wont serve it ... so does wellness I beleive... avoderm is good but the girls dont like it
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Basically as long as a food is byproduct-free and does not have significant amounts of grain fillers, it's a good choice. Rather than selecting a single "best" food, it's really better to offer a variety of excellent quality foods. That keeps them healthiest and also keeps them from getting too picky.
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I ordered a case of AvoDerm cuts. If nothing, the fosters can have it. They don't seem to be too picky. Then all got all of the ones I listed before. That is all I ordered for now. I figured this way I have time to read all of the ingredients on each type of food & take time to compare prices & decide.

I was simply amazed at the variety! I only visited two of three websites. At the second one, I only looked at some of the foods.

I don't know if Twitch & Lily will like the Merrick. They didn't really like it before, but it might have sat on the shelf for awhile before I bought it.
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