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Skinny cat!

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I have a 6 month old female, shes very small for her age (compared to her littermates). She doesn't seem to take much of an interest in food, she will lightly nibble on food throughout the day but never seems to take a whole hearted interest in it the way her brothers do.

Are some cats just destined to always stay very skinny? You cant see her rib cage, but her belly is sunken in. She has been dewormed and is up to date with her shots, shes just always been less keen on food.

Can anyone recommend anything to make her appetite better?
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Are you still feeding kitten food? She should still be eating kitten food as it is higher in fat and calories which they need as kittens. Is she eating wet or dry food or both?

Has the vet examined her and said anything about her size (or lack thereof)?
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Get kitty tested for exposure to dieseases like FIV, FIP and FeLV, just to be safe. Actually, a full exam and a CBC are probabkly a really good idea at this point.

You can also give her some KMR with her food, and make sure you are feeding a high-quality, high-protein kitten food.
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yes, one reason could be that she is eating both a mix of adult and kitten food..
we have 2 adults and 3 kittens, and unfortunately as we free feed dry she has access to both - im not sure which she eats more of..

we also give the kittens wet food, but her brothers kind of take-over at dinner times - i didnt really realise this til now, but i think maybe she is put off by this

i will try KMR as we still have some, and also I think I will try feeding her on her own, away from her greedy brothers! lol

How much wet food should I aim to feed a 6 month kitten? We havent really regulated how much we give them - we just kind of feed them a couple of pouches around our mealtimes (and theres always leftovers!)


Oh, and she hasnt been seen by the vet for a while, but we have decided to take her in if she does not improve soon, also to find out about spaying, though they will probably not do this until shes a bit fatter!
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