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Hide & Seek!

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It was bath time for Simba, but he wasn't having none of it!

Missy: Come on Simba time for a bath!

Simba: No mummy noo!!

Simba: Yeah i'll hide in this quilt!

Simba: she'll never find me in here!

Simba: haha she's gone now, must've gone downstairs, this is comfy i'll relax here.

Missy: GOTCHA!!!

Simba: Oh mum!! your messing up my mane!!
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That is sooooooo cute!!!!
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How cute is that - trying to hide - guess that didn't work!
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Poor Simba! He should have said "I'm a big boy, I can bathe by myself"
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Awww look at them!!! I've got similar ones of my two as well.

The fun cats have
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Simba must have had so much fun hiding!
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hehe, he usually loves her washing him, he loves the attention, mummys boy hehe. but that day he wanted to play!
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