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Yaaaay! Thank you!!
Why didn't anybody think of that (money) before??
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I just had to bring the Party back!!!!!
There are a ton of people on right now!

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Here I am, ready to party on the beach!

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LOL & here's me! Nevermind that my lounge chair is standing on the water!!

.....Is anyone else here??......
(((((((((((echo echo echo echo)))))))))))))
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I'm ready too!

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I see you all took my
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Everyone looks so pretty! Where are the men?!

I could go for a nice fruity drink!
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Originally Posted by Firefly*21
I see you all took my

Originally Posted by babyharley
I could go for a nice fruity drink!

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Umm this party isn't going very well......
Nobody can think of anything to do soooooo - - - I say we have a dance-off!!
NOW I canNOT dance but since this is the idea vacation/party, even if you can't well *poof* now you can!!!!

Who will be brave enough to start us off??
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I know the Chicken Dance!!!
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I can do the hula... with my twin!
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Are there no other brave dancers?

Christine, nice hula dancers!
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I think this is all I will do...

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We need something to do!!!!!
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Let's have a food fight!! Except the ammo will be delicious, enticing food!!!! I'll go first...I fire with Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae... MMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!

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A food fight?! No way! *hides*
I'll just take whatever clean unharmed food is leftover!!
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