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Hey all you X-Files fans

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I just wondered if anyone watched The X-Files last night. I was so bummed out at the end. I couldn't believe it. I know the show is ending, but do they really have to start killing off characters I like?
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NO!!! I missed it! Darn!!!
Fell asleep - who did they kill off now?
I miss Mulder and Scully and the old shows...

TELL ME!!!!!!
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I didn't watch it because I knew what was going to happen. This season has really sucked as a whole IMO. I really liked it before, and even last season was OK. Doggett isn't bad, but Reyes just drives me nuts.

Debra - they killed off the Lone Gunmen. I thought it was completely unneccesary, especially if there is even the slightest chance of making another movie. But they didn't ask my opinion!

The last 4 episodes are supposed to be one big story that answers a lot of the questions. David Duchovny is even coming back for at least the last episode! Yeah! I miss his dry sense of humor.
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Well that just bites - they were interesting characters. I will be glad to see Mulder again - I like the show -but maybe it is time to put it to bed.....*sigh*
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I didn't want to say anything in case someone had taped it to watch later. I am still bummed, cause I really liked those guys.

I do miss Mulder, although I like Doggett. The last few eps, except for last night, have been better than the rest of the season, I think.
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I didn't even think of that! Sorry if I ruined it for anyone!

Hey Bren - did you ever watch The Lone Gunman's show? It didn't last very long. I thought it was good, but it was in a really bad timeslot. Fox has a way of doing that to shows...
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Does anyone know when the last show will be aired? My daughter and I had been die hard fans until Mulder left (David-mmmm!). I understand many of the old characters will be back and Mulder, of course. Our unanswered questions will be answered. I don't want to miss it. In fact, I got on line to post this very question!
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I think there are 4 episodes left, possibly 5. I know that the series finale is a 2 hour special. You could check at
www.thex-files.com to find out for sure about the finale.
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Thanks for the information. I'll check out that web site. I don't want to miss the wrap-up!
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This Sunday is the season finale! It had better not be on at the same time as Survivor! Anyway the X-files finale is on Fox, I assume in the East at 9:00. Yep, I had better fire up the VCR. Why do they have to do that to us?
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I think the finale is 2 hours, so check the starting time, it might be 8 EST this week.
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The season finale is 2 hours long, and it does start 1 hour earlier than usual. That's why the season finale's for Malcome in the Middle and King of the Hill were last week. I can't wait - it looks like a really interesting episode.
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I thought the first half was boring! The second half was better. But, for the most part it seemed like just another retrospective show....too many clips from earlier episodes. I would have preferred more of a whole new story that tied up the loose ends rather than just flashing back to old stuff we've already seen.

But, I did like that they left it open for a new movie!

I hope the resurrect the Lone Gunman trio somehow. I loved their show and always get a kick out of the episodes they are on.
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I had really mixed emotions about the finale. The whole trial thing was kinda cool to look back at everything that happened over 9 years, and at least they finally explained better the whole Samantha thing. That always bugged hubby and me that like every season there was a new Samantha story. I do think they could have been more concise about the trial, especially since we all knew how that would end. I have to say, though, that was the first time that I actually liked Monica Reyes. LOL

One thing, though - how many times can cigarette smoking man be resurected?!?!?

From what hubby told me, they are already planning another movie, so the story doesn't really end here...
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Monday--I just watched it this P.M. I wanted to watch Survivor. I lost interest when Mulder left. I watched about six episodes, but it just wasn't the same. I think the problem with the finale was that there were too many questions to be answered in one show. Were the Lone Gunmen supposed to be a vision, like some of the other "old" characters? It's a shame they couldn't have played more of a part. I didn't know they'd been killed off. Also, what's this about Scully's baby being an alien implant? I thought it was Mulder's.
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From what I understand (it got a bit confusing this last season with Scully running around saying "I just want the truth about my baby!" and that's about it), William is Mulder's baby, but they altered some DNA when they abducted Dana when she got cancer. Or he was part of the Super Soldier program, except they were trying to make them "home grown" instead of altered as adults. Either way, it was alien technology that made William so special and able to do the things he did. BUT, Spencer injected William with something that would counteract the alien part a couple episodes ago so that his father wouldn't win. I could be wrong since I didn't see all of this season, but I don't think Scully ever did really find "the truth" about William.

Yes, the Lone Gunmen were visions like Krychek. They got killed off a little earlier this season, but I didn't see that episode. I lost interest completely about halfway through this season until they announced that it was ending and watched the last 3 or 4 episodes.
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I was so happy to see Mulder again. I really missed him this last season. Some of the eps were not that great, but I did watch them all. I can't wait until the movie comes out.
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