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image request

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if anyone here wants their black cat (well, at least the eyes) immortalized in an art piece hanging on my niece's wall, I'd love your pic. Here's what I'm doing:

one of my best friends' daughters (they call me Auntie, so they're my nieces... whether or not there's shared bloodlines) is into dark stuff... she's 13, so that's the age. I'm designing a mixed media art piece with quotes of Edgar Allen Poe (also giving her a book of Poe... if she likes Goth, she's gonna get a sample of THE master) and I want to include an enlargement of the eyes of a black cat. the cat should be black because the image needs to blend into the black background of the canvas. When I'm done with it, I'll take a picture of it and post it here... I'll also put on the back of the piece where I got the image and the name of the cat. Give credit where it's due.

Please let me know if you have something. I'd love something that's a decent high resolution... it'll be enlarged several hundred percent, so it should withstand the enlarging. Staring at the camera is ideal... glowy eyes is even better!


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Very intriguing! I'll check my pics at home, Jasmine is black!
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Is this the sort of thing you want?
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I have some...okay, I have a lot! Some of these are former foster babies, others were someone else's foster babies. The ones I post here are small, but I have them in their original size. If you are interested in them, you can PM me...good luck! BTW, to see these larger, just click on the picture.

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Originally Posted by clixpix
I have some...okay, I have a lot! Some of these are former foster babies, others were someone else's foster babies. The ones I post here are small, but I have them in their original size. If you are interested in them, you can PM me...good luck! BTW, to see these larger, just click on the picture.

I'm going to try the third one on the top row... It's a good clear image... although adult mysterious eyes (kitty bedroom eyes) would be equally cool... since this is going along with Poe quotes...

I've glued down the quotes (after printing them on cotton paper, tea-dying the paper, tearing and then buring the edges... it's really a fun process) and now am at the point where the eyes should go on... we'll see what i can do with this one...

i love the one from Anakat, but it's so fuzzy (the picture, as well as the cat)... and the clearer the better. Beckiboo, I'm still willing to see what you have as well...

Any more out there? i know there's plenty of black kitties out there.

Thanks gang! This is going to turn out very interesting.

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I went and stuck a few photos of Devin at my hosting, unresized, unphotoshoped, etc. They're linked out for size.

devin is cute

number two

number 3


Just a little warning: they're huge!!
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the second one is good... I love the eyes on the third one... nice and big and yellow! but the fur is so shiny... I'll try the second one.

the 4th one didn't show... said it didn't exist...

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#2 worked out perfectly! it looks good where it is... Devin's eyes will be immortalized on this canvas... I'll take a pic when the whole thing is done and post it... it still needs... something. I'll hve to head up to the art store tomorrow and see if there's something glossy I can coat the whole thing with... the glue dries matte while the black paint background is more glossy... I'll see what they have...

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They make the clear acrylic sprays...not sure if that would work.
P.S. ClixPix, that little black & white kitty is soooo adorable, he's breaking my heart!
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Oh, how I hate slow dial-up! I did look through my pics on Photobucket, and nothing seemed right. I love the one you chose! What a darling black kitty!

You are an awesome aunt!
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You are an awesome aunt!
I told them last summer I'd do/buy things for them if they improved their grades. Nina, their mom, and I have been best friends since we were 9 (she's four months older than me, and we're both now 33). I remember when the girls' were born, I changed diapers... you name it. They've been calling me Auntie since they could talk. I spoiled them both rotten when they were really little... I spent so much on those two!! it wasn't just clothes, it was clothes, toys, kiddie furniture... you name it... I was a regular at Toys'R'Us. When I move to Oregon later this year, they're looking forward to lots of visits, as am I! I haven't seen them in two years. I miss my girls.

I sent Nina pics of the still-unfinished canvases and she said the girls will love them. Their stepdad won't let them paint the walls in their rooms, so they have to find other ways to add lots of color.

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Well, I've been a Mom forever...since I had Jess days after I turned 21! But I did have about 5 months when my ex got temporary custody, and I lived 5 hours from my kids. I only saw them on alternate weekends, and at the time I lived with my sister and her 4 kids. It was wonderful to just be an auntie for a short time, and just have fun with my sister's kids. The youngest couldn't say Becky very well, and I have been Aunt Yucky ever since! LOL!

Now we live in IL, and my sister and her kids live in NY...I really miss them!

Edit...that didn't sound right. One of the two worst times in my life was living apart from my kids. But the relationship with my nieces was wonderful during that lonely time. It is also when I met my husband...somehow being focused on me instead of my kids for a short time worked out for the best for me!
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I'm Auntie Mandy. I hate being called Mandy... to me it's a child's name... but it sounds SO cute coming from a 3 year old... so I allow the girls to call me Auntie Mandy. No one else is allowed to use that name! Bodily harm will be inflicted.

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How about a hairless black cat??

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Oh I've got plenty! Jack Daniels eyes are his best feature ;-)

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