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poor puppy

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get out your tissues. i decided to go to pet loss and read my tribute to sox. i was missing him today more than normal. anyway, i came across this. it will break your heart...... as it did mine.


Feb. 2002 ----- April 7, 2002

Golden Retriever

Tribute to a poor young pup
who was abused and murdered..

What did I do?.......

What did I do to make you so angry? To make you treat me this way? I was only 12 weeks old. My Mommy taught me all that she thought I needed to know for the first 8 weeks of my life. What did you teach me in the next four weeks? Did you play with me? Did you see that I was fed enough so that I can grow into a beautiful Golden Retriever? I remember being hungry all the time. I remember wondering
when I would see you again.

To feel you stroke my fur, to give me tummy rubs and ear scratches. To give me food, water, and your company. I gave you my unconditional love. I gave you my puppy kisses, my wiggly butt, and my wagging tail. I counted on you to teach me all I needed to know to be a good dog. All I ever wanted was to be with you. All you wanted was to be rid of me. You gave me a bowl of poison.
What did I know?

I was only 12 weeks old.......a baby. I was grateful...... maybe you really do love me? Maybe I did something to make you happy? So I ate it, and thanked you. You sounded pleased. You even said "Good Boy" That was the first time I ever heard those words from you. Maybe my life will change. Then you took me for a ride. Wow I thought I am spending time with you. Are we going to the park to play ball? Maybe to the beach? The car stopped, you picked me up and threw me out onto the side of the road.

My heart stopped as I watched you drive away. What did I do? A lady and a man came over to me. The lady picked me up and stroked me and held me close. Is this what real love feels like? I was happy. She showered me with kisses. Is this what it is supposed to feel like? She spoke to me softly and lovingly. It all sounded so strange but I loved it. She took me to the car and held me close. I have never felt like that before. I think I found a good home.

I began not feeling too well. I went to lie down. The lady and man were worried. They took me to the doctor. In the car ride I really felt bad. All the time the lady was trying to make me feel better. I felt so awful I could not even enjoy it. I threw up my last meal. The lady and man did not get angry. They told me it was ok. I would be ok. The doctor would make me feel better. At the doctors, I was feeling worse, I had to go to the bathroom, I tried to hold it,
but it just happened.

Everyone was upset. Not at me but because my poo was bloody. They held me close. No one got mad. Then I had what they called a seizure. I don't remember it I just remember feeling confused. We got in the car again, and the lady held me close and spoke softly to me. I think she was crying. I felt warm wet drops on my head. They felt good.

The car stopped. We got out; they held me close. I remember feeling loved. I also felt sicker. I began convulsing. I was admitted. I remember seeing the lady cry. People began paying attention to me. They put me in a warm crate. I died at 11 PM and the people worked to bring me back. I convulsed and seizured and felt awful. I tired to fight it. By 3 am I couldn't fight any longer.

I gave in I was tired. I closed my eyes and took my last sigh. I hope you are reading this. I want you to know how I spent my short life on earth. I want you to know the painful death you brought onto me. I want you to know how long you made me suffer. I want you to know how you showed your love to me. All I ever wanted was to be with you.
To love you.

In memory of a little golden boy who was brutally and cruelly murdered on April 6, 2002 and lost his battle for life on April 7, 2002.

Rest In Peace.
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I was kind of hoping through that whole story that it wasn't true. That poor little baby didn't even get a chance at life. I'm so glad that he died in the care of people who loved him.
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sadly, very true. pet loss and greif support is a place where you can put a tribute up for your pet you lost. or a poem, whatever you want. it is a very special place. i am glad the puppy has a tribute. i am glad he was loved in his last hours.
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That was so sad. Sometimes I'm ashamed to be part of the human race My consolation is that while scum like this may be able to get away with committing these kinds of atrocities as far as the law is concerned, they can't hide from Karma. They'll get theirs and it will wonderful when they do.
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Every time I read soemting like this I go between tears and extreme anger. I hope that these poeple who did this to this poor little boy eat a bowl of poisen themselves. I know that is not very Christian of me - but for God's sake - what is wrong with these people!!?????
May that litle guy rest in peace at the Bridge, knowing that he felt love in his last hours...
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I certainly hope that poor excuse for a person gets what he/she deserves. What goes around comes around, and sometimes it comes around worse.

If there is such a thing as reincarnation, that person has a lot of lives to pass through before having any hope of being a great creature like a dog.

I get so angry when I read things like that. I really don't understand what makes some people tick.
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Oh, I wish I hadn't read this I've been in a funk lately. I should know better than to read something with a sad face icon, no offense cozy.
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my opinion of people who do these things is, they are a worthless piece of _hit. i usually don't use curse words, but in this case no other words fit. i think animal/child abusers are sick and are very weak. they have to make themselves feel all big and powerful by mistreating someone not able to fight back. give me a break. what a sorry excuse for a human being these people are. they all need a severe butt kickin'!!
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What a sad story, but at least someone found the puppy and cared enough to take him to the vet and try to help him. They would have made such good owners, it's too bad they never got the chance.

What kind of idiot was this person that did this to an innocent animal? It makes me SOOOOOOOO MAD!!!!!
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That is very sad.
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I knew this would be sad and would make me cry, and it did. But I can't help but read these type of stories. If nothing else, we all heard this poor puppy's story, and our hearts went out to him in heaven and I hope maybe that he knows that. How can people be so inhumane? Why kill him? Why make him hurt? Why not give him away if you don't want him? Why have a puppy if you do not want to love it, feed it, teach it?
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How heartbreaking. Why would you get a puppy if you don't want one? Why would you do that to something that only wanted to love you?? At least the little guy found love in his last hours.

Melissa - I feel the same way. Sometimes I'm ashamed that I'm the same species as these people (if you can even call them that).

This story reminds me of something that happened to my dad a long time ago. He had a weimeriener, Dutchess, who was a very good hunting dog. The neighbors had a cat who was supposed to be an indoor cat but their stupid teenage son stuck out and left the screen off the window. Well, the cat got into Dutchess' yard and she got the cat. Can't blame Dutchess - she was just being a dog protecting her territory. The guy who owned the cat gave Dutchess a steak laced with rat poison and killed her. He wouldn't blame his son for leaving the screen off, but had to kill the dog.
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Originally posted by Alicia
Why kill him? Why make him hurt? Why not give him away if you don't want him? Why have a puppy if you do not want to love it, feed it, teach it?
Alicia, I completely agree with what you're saying. Maybe the nut case just couldn't handle it when the puppy started doing all the silly and naughty things that puppies always do. There are so many people in this world that just can't cope with the smallest thing that is less than perfect, and these people are disgusting.
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Heidi, I KILL someone if they poisoned my dog!!! I would feel awful if my dog ever hurt a kitty but a dog is a dog and she was doing what came natural to her.

Do you know what really sucks about this whole thing? Is that even if they ever caught the $#%@!^* who poisoned that puppy nothing would happen to him. Yeah maybe he'd get a fine or probabtion but is that all an animals life is worth?
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This is just SOOOOO sad!!!
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What an awful thing to happen to a dog, or anyone/any animal for that matter.
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That's so sad
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That is so sad. I can never understand why someone would do something that mean and selfish to a helpless animal.
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Poor little baby Were they able to get a good look at the vehicle who did this to the baby?
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Thought this would be a good place to post an update, on the puppy that was skinned. The reward fund is up to over $28,000. The littermates of the puppy have been found. The Humane Society has them and, hopefully, someone will recognize these two and lead investigators to where they came from.
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