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Kitties using each other's litter boxes!

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I have two litter boxes for my two babies, Nermal and Lily. However they use whatever litter box they want, in other words - they don't stick to their own...Now from what I know it's not really good for cats to bf suggested that maybe I should just keep the one out since they seem to share anyway, but I don't know how safe it is??

Can someone please shed some light on the subject - I'm sure this has happened to lots of people, but I don't know what's best...can someone please tell me??
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Mine have shared litterboxes all of their lives, and I've seen no ill effect. Actually, I haven't heard that sharing is bad for them, unless one is sick. In a multiple cat household it seems inevitable that they will share.

Many times cats do like to use different places for urination & defecation, which may explain why they share. I know that I notice that one box has more poops and the other more pee, even though they both use both boxes.
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lucky for all of us - it's not harmful for them to share the box unless one is ill. i have 2 boxes & 3 cats, so they have to share. & 1 box is the preferred one - i don't know why, because they're just alike & filled with the same litter!
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I've got two, but just the other week i saw Sophie on one having a tinkle, only to be joined by Rosie facing the other way
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I hve 5 cats and 3 litter boxes they all share them. As long as all cats are in good health I don't see any problems.
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I've never heard of purrsonal litter boxes in a normal situation before. I can't think of a way to keep them separete either.
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I wouldn't worry either as long as both cats are healthy. I have three litterboxes for my four cats and they use them all without seeming to have preference.
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I agree, there shouldn't be a problem. My cats have always shared no matter how many litter boxes we have. They even used to use the same tree in our yard!
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I have 2 very big boxes for my 3 that use them, Ollie goes outside.

there as never been a problem with them all sharing.
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Sophie & Luna share, too. No problems, either.
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Unless one has some illness, it's fine. My cats have 3 between them and they all use all 3, if that makes any sense.
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never heard of personal litterboxes for each cat either. I have 7 cats and 8 litterboxes and they all share them all. I cannot imagine how you would go about teaching each cat to use it's own box. Mine share them and some of them they chose to only urinate in or poo in.
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Thanks so much guys....I feel silly now thinking that kitties use their own litterboxes...but that clears things up for then it should be OK for me to keep one big one out for them to use..
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You should have a least two, preferably three, as many cats do like to separate pee and poo. And it is considered good practice to have one extra tot he number of cats you have, though that can be difficult in smaller homes!
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