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Could someone who knows genetics read my previous post?

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Pretty big question in there regarding male calicos and inbreeding. Thanks!!

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Here is a link that will tell you more about male calicos and the likelyhood of producing one. But basically the calico gene, when expressed in a male embryo, causes the death and reabsorption of the embryo. Something to do with males having XY and females having XX. (i think, i'm no expert!)


I can tell you that your mamma may not produce ANY calicos, as genetics isn't putting two things together to get a third that is a mesh of the two (ie, that your white and orange male and white and black female will produce only white, orange and black kittens). It's a combination of genes in which some are dominant, some recessive, some only work in combination with XX others, etc. It's very complicated. You may be surprised and end up with all brown tabbies, or tuxedo kitties or something. Basically, as Gaye has mentioned in another thread, if you don't know the genetic history of the parents, and their parents, and THEIR parents . . . then it can be hard to tell what will happen.
That said, she may have calicos as I have NO idea what the genetic combination neccisary for calicos is! Thought most likely, if she does, they will all be female

As far as the effects of inbreeding, if they are siblings with the same mother and father, I would guess there is an increased risked of genetic defects, or kittens who are generally just not as healthy. Again, I don't know if that's like a 5% chance or a 50% chance.

Hopefully someone more knowledgeable and experienced with breeding and genetics can give you more concrete answers.
Best of luck with your future babies.

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Here's a very basic color prediction. Since there is no way of telling what is really in the background of both cats, you could come up with something else (like pointed or longhair). Pointed and longhair are both recessive genes and both have to carry it to show it.

Color is carred on the X chromozone - XX (female), XY (male)

Anyway with black/white mother and red/white father

Females - calico, dilute calico (also could be solid tortie or bluecream) - the dilute could occur if both parents are carrying dilute. You can also get solid colors even tho both parents are carrying the white
spotting gene.

Males - black/white or blue/white (again could have a solid black or blue)

If you get anything else, that means that pattern was a recessive gene - like a seal point kitten. IF you get and all white cat - its not gonna stay that way - it will develop points. The only time you have all white is if one of the parents is all white; otherwise its pointed.

Let us know what you get.
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