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Thank you for your PM - I have replied in detail. I was told Persil was a very rare case too, but fortunately I found a surgeon here who was willing to take the chance and operate. Sometimes you can find someone at a university or similar ( I used the Vet Faculty here) who is interested in experimental or rare surgery and will do it cheaply. Don't give up.
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Momos, how are you and Indie doing today?
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Little angel , indie,

After my horible last night , we came and (after his catration anastatic,) he was full with happiness for games !!!!
He didnt ate nothing in Bluee Cross , but when we came home stoking him and playing he ate like a good boy!!

He eat today as well.

All these 2 days was the most dramatic time I ever spend.
Looking at him and crying, searching in the internet about his condition and reading Medical Journal ( as we are talking here for something so rare and experemental ! ) and this liitle angel , making me games, talking to me , like he never did before! ( its with me only 2 months as he is 6 months now...
Coming next to my PC and talking with me ( Oh , little indie , as If he knows what I am going through... ..)

I called Doctors in Greece ( Im Greek) and all of them they will search over the weekend. .... most of them are telling me to keep him like that for a while , not to operate him because there is a 10 % max for success.

Here , in UK i m quite socked with the Medical system , its rare to find a DOCTOR.
The categories are 1) 5000 pounds the operations eg. Royal Vetenary College,.......money talk.... 2) doctors that are dying for rare experemental cases to add extra knowlege and build up their CV's........like our condition......., and on the top of things

3) you need to be refered , in order to go to the right doctor....

In my this little paragraph , there are so many issues for disscusion!! lool

At the moment we are playing , and he is complaning when I am doing something different other than giving him attention ( with a special voice, niarrrr..... )

I am going back to continue the games ..... xx
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Can the Blue Cross not advise you of anyone, and did you check to see if your insurance would cover it?
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The chief in the Hospital there wants to operate him , without being cardiologist!!! ( You know what I mean ....experement bla bla bla)
I told her , if she can write the report to the Tesco Pet insurance ........and she said that she will put congenital ! ,
Therefor the Tesco will not cover him , and we will loose the chance of having 2500 pounds paid for it , for a specialist!

So , can you understand that I have no choices at all , at these stage.....
And she wants me to make a disision until Tuesday , of when and if I want him to be operated....

I feel , I am no way out ...
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I still think you should call Tesco Insurance and ask their advice. Also, do they have a pet advice line that you could perhaps talk to? I know money is tight for you but I think you should get a second opinion from another vet.
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I agree. Have a word with Tescos insurance first, then have a word with another vet because they may do payment plans.
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It's crunch time today - what have you decided? Did you get in touch with Tesco Insurance or get a second opinion? We're thinking of you and your darling boy Indie
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hello !!
I know , my weekend was very productive!!
searching , reading , playing with indie boy at the same time...., i got some opinions as well ( which they sugest to keep him on hold at the moment,)
Tesco , its not going to cover if its congenital ....and the doctor he will write congenital in Tescos paper... So I am afraid i am traped at the moment....
( Is he going to write that because its congenital? Or because he likes to operate him ? ) WHAT DO YOU THink ?

I will find out today the exact case , and I am prepared to ask questions as well to the Doctor....
If I had faith in him , I would definatelly agree to open him have a look , if the liver and heart is conected with tissues... and if yes, i would say to close him down and give him as much life as he could....
I am afraid I do not have faith at the moment .....and my gat feeling says that he would try..... regardless if it was a simple or a difficult case to operate.

Anyway , at the moment we are eating fine , and we have a lot of mood for games ....
I will keep you posted!!
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It must be so difficult for you - I have been thinking about it over hte weekend as I petted Persil and thanked fate for sending her a brilliant surgeon when she needed it. I do hope you find a solution - meanwhile I am pleased Indie is playing and eating, and enjoying life as mush as possible.
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