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I went out early and my little furry ones were waiting at the feeding bench. As usual, little Oscar was first to come toward me with his raspy meow. Lady Day was right there. I was a little early and I called for four: Sneakers, Mamie, Josesito and Red. Sneakers and Red showed up.

I saw little black intruder again. He seemed very happy when I talked to him. I wonder about him. He seems very healthy -- not thin and his coat is glossy. He always seems to be around though, so I wonder if he is eating here.

I also wonder if he's the one Blackie had the fight with. He's a dead ringer for Blackie. Same color and body type, just a little smaller. That's why I think he's so young. Blackie is my smallest boy, and is smaller than two of the girls. The only cat smaller than him is Sneakers.

Finally saw Josesito on my way back from dinner.

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers.
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Just as I thought -- the little black intruder is most likely here to find a girlfriend. The girlfriend he is looking for seems to be Mamie. Tonight when I came out, I saw two cats on the roof of the rec bldg. One was down close on the part nearest to the ground and I could see clearly that was Mamie.

I thought the silhouetted cat was Sneakers, but then Sneakers was eating on the ground, so no. It had to be the little black intruder. Mamie seemed to be worried about him, she kept looking back up at him. Then she jumped down and ran to her favorite hang-out, the War Memorial. After she made her getaway, the boy slunk off.

Mamie is a puzzle to me. She seems to be a girl. She doesn't compete for status with the boys; she does bicker with the other girls. She looks like a girl. Then, again, I have never been able to trap her. She escapes from the trap after it is tripped but before the trap panel can fall. On the other hand, she has never been pregnant that I can tell. I don't know what to make of it. Could Alfie be her kitten? She never looked pregnant, but if she only had one kitten, maybe......?

Blackie could have gotten hurt trying to protect Mamie. Josesito and Blackie protected her when she was still a kitten. Blackie protected his mother, Eleanor, before she was spayed and was very close to his mother until she died. He's just a little guy himself so it was hard for him to do that. He's little, but he's feisty.

I called my friend that I borrowed traps from, but she has a new baby of her own and has not called back. Tomorrow is another day.

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Mamie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers 11 Total
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Mamie definitely sounds like a girl. No jowls, right? Does the little black intruder get a name?
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Hi, kluchetta. She does have a broad face now. I'm just not sure. Maybe when I get the traps (no callback yet) she'll get caught this time. Then we'll know. On the other hand, the little black guy probably wouldn't be hanging around if she weren't a she.

I had errands and wasn't sure what time I would be back, so I left half their food early and didn't see a single cat. When I got back, it was still early -- around 6ish -- but it had unexpectedly gotten overcast and chilly. Still only saw a few cats. Left their food under the overhand, just in case it sprinkles or actually rains.

Roll Call: Alfie, Henry, Lady Day, Oscar. 4 Total.
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Nearly all the kitties were waiting at the feeding bench when I came out tonight. The ones that weren't came running as soon as I started to talk.

It is still overcast and cold so I poured some of the food by the bench, with a little handful for Henry, then took roll. Josesito and Mamie were missing.

I started calling "Josesito! Mamie! Josesiiiiitooooo! Maaaaamieeeeee!" Then I saw Josesito coming from the parking lot, walking very nonchalantly like a cat will. I gave them fresh water.

While I was standing back watching them, SWOOSH! there was Mamie -- coming from behind me (very unusual for her) and landing under the feeding bench.

A job well done.

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Mamie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers. 11 Total.
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It was pretty cold for L.A. today, wasn't it?
But Seattle was 43 degrees when we landed at 8PM.
It felt nice to me, though...

Do you leave cat food overnight? Or you only leave it out for few hours?
I am wondering how you do it...
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Hi Kazy, how are your babies? I didn't go to your thread first tonight. I leave the food out about 6-6:30 pm. It's kibble and I don't bring any back in. I don't usually have a problem with wildlife. I guess that's because I live in an urban area and it's an apartment building with gardens and landscaping in the middle between buildings. I've gone out in the early morning to see if they need more or not. In the am, as soon as day breaks, the pigeons come and clean up the leftovers.

I cried all over again for the cat that was run over last week. My daughter took me to lunch and as she was leaving she saw his body. She called me when she got back to work and told me. We both thought it was another cat. When I went to look, to see who it was, it was the same poor little cat. Someone had kicked it off the sidewalk. I felt so bad. I called animal control myself this time -- it took three calls because my phone company kept hooking me up with the wrong number. Finally I reported it to the right one. I hope they come soon.

To answer the question on whether I plan to name the little black intruder. No, I don't want to think of him becoming a permanent member of the colony. Eleven is enough to care for! Then, I hope to get him neutered, and I think he'll quit coming after that. If I need a name at the vet's I'll call him Cat Burglar -- since he's trying to steal Mamie's love!

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Mamie, Oscar, Sneakers. 10 Total.
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I had to go the library today and took the cat's food out with me in case I got caught in rush hour traffic coming home. On the way I saw another little visitor cat. This one was a buff colored tabby. He looked very young. He was sniffing around. I'm sure he was smelling Mamie.

I love the way those buff colored cats' coats seem to shimmer and change colors. It's got something to do with the "tipping" on the fur. Each tiny hair is tipped at the end with white or silvery white. Little Alfie has that color and with his long fur, it's beautiful. He has light blueish-green eyes, too, that really adds to the effect.

When I got home, it was only about 6. I had to hurry upstairs though because it was a long bus ride and I had to go to the bathroom! I just poured out their food and gave them fresh water and skedaddled upstairs. Whew!

Not all my cats were present. Dude, Henry and Mamie were missing.

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers. 8 Total.
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I love reading your saga about all the kitties that benefit b/c you are kind enough to provide for them Bless you!!!
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Hi Kelicat, I don't feel especially kind, but grateful to have the chance to do something that has made me feel so good! It's feels like a privilege to care for the cats.

I haven't written in a few days and I was going to say I hoped you didn't miss me, but actually I hope some of you did! I probably won't be writing as much. Health problems. I will be feeding the cats, though, so don't worry about them.

They still cannot get used to me coming from the back door. Almost every night most of them are waiting at the front door. I think they see me go in that door so that's where they wait. When I come out now I call them and they look so cute because they come running from the front door, all excited.

I am planning on buying a trap to use. I need to trap Henry and Alfie. I have dreams of catching Mamie, too. I have tried to catch her before, but she is very fast and manages to escape the trap after it is tripped. I don't know how she does that, but I did have one other cat that was able to do that sometimes. Maybe she has slowed down some.

I also keep meaning to bring out a bowl so I can leave some kibble with water for the older cats whose teeth may be bothering them. I'm thinking of Oscar and Red. Particularly Oscar. The vet said he was about seven years old, a few years ago, so he's about the right age to start having teeth problems.

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Mamie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers. 11 Total
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I have been wondering if everything was ok. I am sorry about you having health problems. I hope nothing too serious.

I have been thinking about Mamie and her new suitor. I know from this thread that she has been tough to trap. Have you considered trying drop trap? http://www.droptrapdesign.blogspot.com/

With your kitties used to being fed at the same time in the same spot it this would be the easiest way to trap them. The only problem is they are difficult to find, I had to build my own. However I live in the middle of nowhere.

I think being in LA there should be a feral cat coalition that would have one, and actually there should be someone who is an experienced trapper that would come out and help you trap and transport for spay/neuter.

The California Feline Foundation (also Valley Animal Center)
http://www.valleyanimal.org/ is a great organization. They did wonders with the rescue cats they took in after hurricane Katrina. I believe they were the only organization to have a reunion rate in the 90% range. They are in Fresno, but I think if you contacted them they should be able to give you some local contacts that can help you.

Considering the current health issues it would be nice if you had someone to help with trapping and transport for any that are not fixed.

I found this link, but I don't know anything about them. http://www.feralcatcaretakers.org/
Their address is 9007 Larke Ellen Cir Los Angeles, CA 90035 (310) 820-4122

Their website is very interesting. I bet they would be able to give you some good help.
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Whishing you a quick health recovery.

I bought my trap from http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/displayitem.taf?Itemnumber=90218
It is pretty much the same trap as name brand but much cheaper. I trapped all of my cats with this.
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Hi kittymonsters. My heath problems are not so bad, I'm just very fatigued all the time. Even the doctors say I shouldn't be so tired, but I am. I have been in touch with FCCC, even had a long phone conversation with the founder. She's 76 years old but has twice my energy. They cannot help me, however.

Hi kazy, how is your family? I have ordered a trap already from the Tomahawk Traps website online. Thank you for the information. I don't even want to know if I spent more than I needed to!

My own little colony is getting more used to me coming out the back door. The last couple of nights, most of them have been waiting at the feeding bench. They are even starting to look toward the back door instead of the front one.

I have two suitors now: the little black intruder and the buff one. Maybe I can trap them, too! First I'm going after Henry and Alfie. I'd really like to trap Mamie, but I don't know how hopeful I should allow myself to get.

I am giving them a little bowl of wet kibble now, in addition to the piles of dry. It's meant for the older cats, but tonight Lady Day and Josesito were eating it! They are both about 5-6 years old.

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Mamie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers. 11 Total
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Katie, I am glad that the health problems are not life threatening, but I know all too well how excessive fatigue and negatively affect one's life. I am sorry you are having to experience it.

I was so hoping the FCCC had info on where you might be able to at least borrow a drop trap for Mamie. They really are the best for cats that can't get caught in a regular trap. However, your new trap might be more sensitive and quicker to release and catch that little girl.

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Hi kittykmonsters. Yes, I'm hoping that Mamie will fall for the new trap. In the meantime, hopefully, Alfie and Henry will. Heck, maybe the the black intruder will, too.

I went out early tonight, when it was still light and had to call for my cats. Only Blackie, Lady Day, Oscar and Henry came right away. Then I saw Red on the sidewalk by the parking lot, rolling around on his back before he came in. He's so bold now, he went right to the food.

Then I started calling for the others. Little Alfie came down from a tree on the far side of the rec bldg, and Dude came trotting up, meowing. Then while I was getting fresh water I saw Sneakers on the rec bldg. Then Mamie nearby her. Finally Louie came. Josesito was a no-show.

I decided to check on the shelters and the door was dislodged on one. I realized that it was stinking, too! I threw away the pillow inside, and took out all the old newspapers, but it still stunk.

Finally I realized it wasn't the box itself, but the ground under it. Someone -- probably from the offices in the rec bldg, -- had set out a plastic sheet used to put under office chairs, on the sidewalk and the box was on it. Water, and maybe cat piss, had gotten under the plastic sheet and it was all mildrewed and moldy and disgusting. I threw it out.

That led to getting out the gardner's hose to clean the sidewalk and then to watering her plants. She's been neglecting her garden for months now and they have wilted and started dieing. Not good for hiding my shelters in plain sight!

Finally I brought the shelter in and cleaned it out with Fabuloso. My Little Guy is wrestling with the towel I had in it right now!

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Lady Day, Louie, Mamie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers. 10 Total.
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Hoping all is going ok there Katie. Just wanted to let you know I am thinking about you and the kitties.
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Thank you kittymonsters. The kitties and I are all fine.

I have been feeding them everyday although not as regularly at the same time everyday as before.

Today I had a note from my old foster kitten, Daisy. Her new mom writes as though it is from Daisy herself. She writes:

"I'm having a great time because Second Meowmy and Papa have this week off, and I'm getting even more attention than I normally do which is a lot; however, Second Meowmy has been in San Diuego the past few weekends celebrating her birthday as well as Papa's. Before that, she had the flu for a week, and I sat on top of her -- actually slept on top of her most of the time while she rested on the couch. Papa is going to be here next week, and we will have quality time together. Second Meowmy only stays one night in San Diego because she misses me so much. Papa talks to me on the phone because Second Meowmy puts the phone to my ear."

It makes me feel happy that she is so happy and that we were able to find such a great home for her.

Daisy was Bonita's kitten. Bonita abandoned her when she got pregnant while Daisy and her brother, Josesito, were only 5 weeks old. Josesito was taken care of by Bonita, while Daisy was abandoned. Now Daisy has a great home and little Josesito is still living outside.

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Mamie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers. 11 Total
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I'm still not feeding at regular times, so not too sure who is coming when.

When I got home from dinner tonight at 8pm I was greeted by Oscar and Lady Day. Alfie, Louie, Blackie and Henry were also there.

Henry was very upset because the little black intruder (who is very small seen close-up) was challenging him. He was making high-pitched squeals and wails. Henry is such a sad sack. He has never adjusted to outdoor life. He is dirty and disheveled all the time. On the other hand, he has bitten me twice when I've tried to pet him and reassure him, so I can't honestly say he's adoptable.

I hope my trap arrives soon.

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Oscar. 7 Total.
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Tonight I made it home around 10pm. The little black intruder actually met me at the gate! I guess he's noticed I'm the nice person that feeds the cats. Maybe even him, I'm still not sure why he's hanging around. He looks so much like Blackie, that I actually have tell them apart by body language. He's smaller than Blackie, but not by enough that I can tell unless I see both of them.

I saw Henry in daylight today and was unhappy to see that what I thought was a black mark from under the cars, was actually a big sore. A part of his skin is actually hanging off. I hope the trap comes soon, so I can get him to a vet. I don't know how I'm going to arrange transportation because my daughter is going to Las Vegas for spring break.

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Mamie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers and the little black intruder. 12 total.
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I had dinner at a friend's tonight, so I left food for the kittycats. When I got home they had only eaten a little.

BUT I had some delicious ham from the dinner, all cut up into tiny cat-size bites. Some of them weren't interested. Sneakers ran off like I was throwing it at her instead of to her. Alfie, Oscar, Henry, Red, and Dude were very happy with their little treats. They were gobbling them up as fast as I could throw them out.

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Mamie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers and the little black intruder. 12 Total.
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I confused my kitties today by coming out the front door with their food. It was close to feeding time, but early. and I was planning to leave their food and head for The Hungry Burrito restaurant for nachos.

Some of them were already at the feeding bench waiting for me. I poured out their piles of kibble and they were munching away when I left.

I saw a few more on my way back in. I got the feeling they were hoping for some more ham, but "no luck, guys!"

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Oscar. 8 Total.
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Aw, Katie, you gave your kitties some Easter ham! So sweet!

At Thanksgiving last year, I gave my shelter babies some turkey - pulled bits off the carcass, chopped it up and heated it in chicken stock... took it over there. I thought they were going to lose their minds they liked it so much!!!

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Dear AddieBee, it is so easy to please them! No fussy appetites here!

I went out the back door, a little early. My little ones were wandering around, but confused because one of my neighbors was leaning against the feeding bench waiting for her boyfriend. Her boyfriend (my neighbor's in her 70s, but her boyfriend's only 40ish!) was watering the garden of my friend that has my boxes in her garden. It seems my friend's doctor has advised her to not use her hands for awhile because of arthritis.

My cats were confused by all this activity by people they didn't know well. Still, everyone showed up, even Mamie.

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Mamie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers.
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I went out the back door just a little bit early and my guys were all waiting at the feeding bench.

I called all their names and happily even Mamie came tonight. I put a bit of kibble under the bench where she likes to eat.

One of my neighbors gave me some cans of Friskies and I took down the plates I used when I fed them canned food and dished it out for them. They were so happy! While I was still "plateing" it, Oscar came nosing and standing on his back legs starting eating off the bench! I went across the street and when I got back it was already gone! I'm not even sure who ate it! I doubt Red or Mamie, but I don't know.

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Mamie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers. 11 Total.
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Tonight I brought in one of the shelters to clean it up and change it.

This is one that they weren't using so much. I took out the pillow that I thought might be the reason. It was too dirty to keep, so I threw it away. (All the boxes are definitely being used. They are all VERY dirty.) I had an idea for insulating them and helping the cats to keep warm.

I put newspaper on the bottom like opilot recommended and built up the bottom to almost the level of the opening so that there wouldn't be too much air for them to have to warm up with their body heat.

Then I lined the sides with cardboard, leaving openings at the top to drop newspaper between the cardboard and sides of the box. I did the same for the top.

THEN my brainstorm: I found some car sun shades in silvery shiny stuff at Q Bargain 99 cent store. I used that to line the sides and top of the box over the cardboard. Then I put a piece of the silvery stuff on the bottom for them to lay on. That is to reflect their body heat back into the box to help them keep warm. It took one 99 cent sun shade to do the job.

Then I started laughing because it looked like the inside of an oven or a very low-tech space ship. I hope my little ones find it comfortable and warm. It's actually cold tonight and windy. The rest of the boxes still have newspaper lining on the sides and blankets or towels on the bottom.

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Mamie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers. 11 Total.

P.S. No sign of the little black intruder in a week or so.
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I brought in two more boxes to clean up today. The first one is back out, but the second needed cleaning up. It smelled of cat pee. I guess someone didn't want to share!

The first one is one of the two smaller ones. I had forgotten that it had a cardboard box that just fit inside with room between it and the sides of the shelter for newspaper insulation. Some dirt from the garden had spashed inside even though I put the door as high up as I could.

I enlarged the hole I cut in the box some, and cut the door a little so that it swings back and forth better. Also, I put newspaper between the cardboard box and the shelter on the side with the door. Before I had a LOT of newspaper at the end of the cardboard box and shelter furtherest from the door (which is on the end) and none on the end with the opening. That didn't make a lot of sense, I just did it to keep the cardboard box from moving back and forth. It's more even now.

Then I lined the cardboard box with the shiney silvery sun shade. It's going to be a much warmer box than the others. There's only room inside for one cat or two small ones cuddled together. I also insulated the top on the inside. No more plastic garbage bag over the top. That looked really bad when the rain loosened the tape. I used post office tape and it didn't hold once it got wet.

It didn't occur to me that the cats might not like the sun shades until after I had finished the first box yesterday. Tonight I put some cat food in the first box. When I took the second box out I put some cat treats in it to encourage whoever was using it to come back. All the boxes were being used.

My friend, the gardener, has pretty much had to quit gardening. The arthritis in her hands has gotten bad, and her doctor told her to lay off for awhile. It just hurts too much and is swollen, too. I'm not sure what I'm going to do if she cannot provide an excuse for the boxes to be there. Maybe I'll have to take up gardening!

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Mamie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers. 11 Total.
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Katie, that will make them soo happy! That silver stuff works well. I use the silver bubble wrap for heaters and pipes, similar insulating properties. Keeps heat in and cold out or vice versa...

My ferals were taken care of while I was away on travel. When I got back 2 had been trapped by the volunteer caretaker (who works for humane society) and taken for fixing. Sadly one was 3 wks from delivery, and they decided to keep the kittens and C section! Now we are hoping and praying those kittens can make it! 3 wks premie is shocking. The vet should have done the abort - even though these babies were close to term, they probably won't survive. We are looking for a mama cat to nurse but none seem forthcoming. Mama cat was released back to her colony, along with the other kitty who was also preggers (1 month along).

I was sad and glad - glad they got fixed, sad about the kittens. But OTH I am ALMOST done fixing! I have 2 males to catch now - and one battered old guy that is *probably* male to catch and fix/give shots.

Meantime, 2 of the cats I lost in October reappeared! I have NO clue where these boys/girls went - but I saw no signs until last week. And then, suddenly, they were BAAACK! Just 2 of the orginial 4/6 that left. I still
don't know where they went, but they did survive.

So my kitty count stands at 6/8 permanent (see all the time) and 4/6 visitors (see occassionally). I estimate I've got about 12 cats eating. Maybe a possum or a skunk or coon too

Sheters are 'in use' and I plan to upgrade over the summer so they
will have even more swank quarters for the winter coming ...

And in other news - Baby my feral coon kitten came back from the tamers - they admitted defeat. She didn't want to be anywhere but at the tamers house. Sigh. She adjusted fine with me, but hated the other rescue lady.
And now in a cruel twist of fate she is very sick. I fear the development
of FIP which I understand affects stressed kittens more than others...

But if I am very very luck she's just picked up something like cocidia or giardia from another kitty at the tamer's house. I noticed all my kitties
sneezing ... so that was bad - but that seems to h ave passed, and so
perhaps the dirreah and runny poo poblem can be cured too.

I have a sample at the vets - testing for worms and cocidia and

Fingers crossed. Send me vibes!!

Also send vibes for the lovely boy Frodo (must post pic) a part snoshoe or
Birman / Siamese mix. He is lovely boy, and I am taming. With hopes we
can adopt out at the end of the year... once I get him tamed. Send vibes for his RAPID taming, LOL!
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Oooooh, it is sad about the kittens. Your responsibility for fixing is a smaller load now, though. I'm sorry about Baby not doing well. I never understand about the tamer lady. You seemed to understand her so well.

It's great that some of the ones you "lost" came back. They must have found a cozy spot for winter while you were gone. I lost a cat over four years ago and I still wonder what happened to him and whether he is okay.

Today was food bank day here. People who want food go to the rec room. People come from other projects too. The cats don't like it. Too many people, too much activity. They scatter.

I'm starting to worry about Henry. He never has settled in although he's been here since Nov. 2006. He is thin and very dirty. He's not taking care of himself at all. The injury below his ear is much better, however. The scab has fallen off and it looks like it is healing well.

The trap to catch him came, but it wasn't the one I wanted. I ordered the one without the rear release door by mistake. I sent it back and I'm waiting for the one I want. I need to catch him and Alfie. Of course it would be a big bonus if Mamie got caught!

I've cleaned up three of my four shelters. Just one to go. It's cold and windy tonight and the weatherman says a chance of rain tonight, so I'm leaving it for a few days. Plus I've used up all my newspaper!

My gardener told me for certain today that she is abandoning her garden. I don't know what to do about the shelters. I think I've spotted a spot under the outside stairs for one shelter. Someone has put a big barrel type garbage can under there and I think I can slip one of the shelters behind it. Easily available to the cats because the stairs are the platform type. But what about the rest? Just when I was feeling so sly about hiding them in plain sight!

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Oscar, Red. 9 Total.
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I had a doctor appointment this afternoon, so I fed my guys early. When I got back it was cold and windy and when I left it was warm, so I wasn't dressed for the weather. I really just wanted to go right upstairs, but remembered it's Friday and that's the day their water bowl gets messed up by the lawn mowing.

Stopped to change their water and poured out their food from the big dog bowl to the sidewalk. For some reason they don't seem to like it in the bowl.

I hope they use their newly cleaned and insulated shelters.

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Mamie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers. 10 Total.
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It is very cold and windy today. I couldn't stay out long. When I went out the back door they were at the front. When I called them, "kitty cats, kitty cats," they all came running to the food bench. Little Josesito looked so pretty running along the sidewalk.

Mamie was sitting in a big tree and I was sitting on the bench that went in a semi-circle around the tree. I was talking to her and Dude came up. I started petting him and then we heard Mamie growl. Dude spotted her and jumped into the tree and started stalking her! She took refuge on a leafy branch and after awhile he gave up and came down. What was that all about?

Every one came today. I had to call Sneakers, but only a few times and she came trotting. They were all hungry and were chomping away pretty fast.

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Mamie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers.
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