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My kitties are creatures of habit! They were waiting by the front door again tonight, when I came out the back and approached the feeding bench. I called, "kitty-cats, kitty-cats," and they came running, Lady Day leading the pack. They have their heads bent down to the sidewalk before I even begin pouring. I usually end up pouring on Dude's head.

Tonight I went again to call for Sneakers, Red and Mamie. I saw Sneakers come, acting very sleepy, from the far side of the parking lot. She didn't seem to come from the storm drain. Maybe she sleeps under the stairs of Bldg. 3.

Red was there when I got back.

Then I took off for dinner out. When I got back, there was little Alfie on the sidewalk. While I was talking to him, I saw Josesito come jumping out of a tree. When I looked up, I saw a dark lump -- was that Mamie? Yep, I got closer to see and she turned her face to me and I could see the white marks on her delicate little face.

Everybody accounted for. Always a good feeling.

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Mamie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers. 11 Total.
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Tonight they were all gathered at the feeding bench, but were looking toward the front door when I came out. Are they learning or did something just chase them from the front door?

Once again I had to call for Sneakers. When she didn't come, I decided to get a soda and some chips from across the street and hang out at the feeding bench for awhile. It worked, I saw her come around the rec bldg, although she must have nibbled at the kibble before I came back because she didn't come to eat. They are always so mysterious, these cats.

Mamie was on top of the rec bldg when I left, but when I got back she was on the sidewalk near the garden she likes -- the Vietnamese War Memorial -- as the gardener calls it. (He has a sign up: War Memorial). It was her love of that garden that made me want to put a shelter there. I wonder if she's the one that leaves the poo-poo?

As I sat waiting for Sneakers to show up, I had a nice conversation with Alfie. We shared chips -- and he came within two inches of my hand. I so wish I could bring him inside, but it is just impossible.

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Mamie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers. 11 Total.
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It's so nice to hear about all the kitties!
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I'm sorry. Tonight isn't going to be that great. I just found out a few hours ago that a friend died last night. She had been sick (stomach cancer) for awhile but it is still such a loss. That's the worst part of getting older....all your friends are getting older, too.

I fed my little ones a bit early because I had errands to run. I only saw a few of them and by the time I got back they had scattered again.

I saw little Alfie in the daylight again, he has beautiful light green eyes. He is so pretty with his long shimmery coat.

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Oscar, Red 7 Total.
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Tonight my little ones were waiting by the front door again. I wonder how long it's going to take for them to figure it out?

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Mamie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers. 11 Total.
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When I went out the back door tonight, I could see the silhouette of one cat sitting on the grass next to the sidewalk facing the front door. When I called "kitty-cats, kitty-cats" it turned out to be Sneakers. Then Dude was right there.

Finally the group in front of the front door came running. Louie-Louie was running so fast right to the feeding bench that he almost crashed into it! Little Alfie brought up the rear tonight.

My purpose in coming from the back door is to get them to quit crowding the front door every night. I'm worried someone might complain. They haven't caught on yet, though.

Everyone was there except Red and Mamie. I called for them, and sure enough Red came running from the parking lot. He's changed so much. He's not as afraid of the other cats even though he's still shares the bottom of the pecking order with Henry. Maybe having a partner has emboldened him. He is so adorable -- he even does the duck and roll I love so much.

I pour Henry's foot right at his feet and Red comes over to share it.

I looked for Mamie and there she was by the WAR MEMORIAL park that she loves so much. She let me talk to her for awhile. She's got the dignity of a wild animal.

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Mamie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers. 11 Total
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A little progress at last. When I came out the back door tonight, I saw Dude on the feeding bench and Henry and Red stretched out very companionably on the sidewalk. Mamie was on top of the rec bldg looking down on us.

As soon as I greeted Dude, all the cats waiting at the front door came running. They look so cute racing for the bench, Louie swerving just before he crashes into it. Sneakers came dashing from the other direction -- where was she?

I got a Valentine's card from an former foster's owner today. She reports that Daisy is an angel, and loves watching the worker's painting the building. (From the window, of course!) Daisy was born in the garden, to Bonita. Josesito is her litter brother; Dude and Sneakers her brother and sister by another litter.

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Mamie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers. 11 Total.
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Happy Valentines Day, kitties.
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Thank you, kluchetta. I hope you and all your kitties had a good Valentine's Day, too.

Last night when I came out, my kitties were all hanging around the feeding bench, with Mamie and Sneakers on the roof of the rec bldg.

At first I thought they were waiting for me, but when I got close Henry let out a blood-curdling yowl. He was looking intently in one direction, so I looked too. There was a little black cat that I thought was Blackie. But....I was sure I'd seen him, I glanced toward the feeding bench and there were both my black cats Blackie and Oscar.

It was an intruder cat challenging my only intact male, Henry. All the other cats were probably watching the drama. My approach ended it. The intruder -- making a show of being very casual -- saundered out of the yard. It took Henry awhile to calm down.

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Mamie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers.
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I had a doctor's appointment today. Then I had errands to run. I left the dog sized bowl full of food for my kitties before I left. As I was fumbling for my gate key, I was talking to a man who was waiting to get in and my kitties must have heard me. As soon as I walked in Blackie, Dude and Lady Day came running from nearby in the garden. The rest were by the feeding bench.

At least they weren't all parked at the front door being conspicuous.

I poured the food from the bowl to the usual places by the bench and then stood back to take roll. Only Henry, Sneakers, Mamie and Red were missing -- whoops! When I went to pick up the water bowl from under the bench out popped Mamie! Okay only three were missing.

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Mamie, Oscar. 8 Total.
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My little ones are starting to get it. When I came out the back door last night, I saw Blackie waiting. Sneakers was sitting on the feeding bench. As soon as I said hi to Blackie the other cats came running, with Dude first. I called hi to all of them and they headed for the spot where I pour the food. Mamie was on the roof of the rec bldg.

Roll Call Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Mamie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers.
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It sounds like it has been an eventful week for the kitties. Intruders are no fun. I hope that kitty stays away and Henry doesn't get in any fights.

Mamie seems to be spending more time down on the ground

Hope this week is less eventful.
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Thank you , kittymonster. It makes me happy when Mamie stays on the ground. I remember when she waited for me with the rest of the cats. She waited in the War Memorial Park, where she could see the front door. That was when I took over feeding the group three years ago She was only a kitten then -- about six months old. Josesito and Blackie were her friends and protectors.

She kept that pattern until last May when something happened that frightened her, Bonita and Dude. Only Dude completely recovered from that.

Tonight I went shopping and when I got back the cats were waiting for their dinner. They came running to the front gate when I came in. When I got back downstairs, they were scattered. They're really confused about where I come from now. Some were by the bench, some in the gardens, and some by the front door. It's kind of funny. Mamie didn't show at all.

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers. 10 Total
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When I went out tonight to feed the cats, I ran into neighbors on their way to a prayer service for the woman who died last week. They were having the service in a room just across from the elevator.

Because of that I nearly forgot and went out the front door. I could see Dude and the other cats milling around wondering what was going on, as people came and went.

I made it out the back door, and they all came running. How long will it take them to forget about the front door?

I'm so pleased with the changes in Red. He used to hang back and be afraid if I even looked at him straight. Now he comes and eats with the other cats, although he's still tentative. He even does his little duck and roll when I talk to him and call his name. I never expected him to come this far. And it's only taken what? oh about three years!

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers. 10 Total.
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Today I went back and read the first 9 pages of this thread. I realized just how far little Louie has come since the days when he wouldn't come and eat with the rest of the cats. Now he's completely accepted as one of the boys.

I also saw how much the cats used to quarrel among themselves. There's very little of that now. I think partly it's because Jose's mind was disturbed in the last months he fed them and he raised his voice and stamped his feet at them a lot. Especially the stray boys. He always favored Whitey, Bonita and Mamie.

Also, I'm not sure if I ever mentioned that Contender is Oscar. I just changed his name. At the time I didn't think about it, but both names are boxer related. Contender was for the Marlon Brando character's great lines, "I could've been a contender," and Oscar, well Oscar de la Hoya.

Tonight I moved the shelter that they don't seem to use much. I put delicious Fancy Feast in each of the boxes. I saw Oscar go in one box, and I saw Dude, Henry, Lady Day and Josesito nosing around the target box, but I don't know if any went in.

I put a pillow that had been in my daughter's cats' carrier (and peed on) in the unused shelter. I washed it, but maybe it still has some scent on it. All the other shelters are being used. Maybe the Fancy Feast will tempt them in.

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Mamie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers. 11 Total.
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I was so tired and cold tonight after a day of errands that I just fed my little cats. gave them fresh water, and came inside. It's cold, too.

They were still waiting at the front door. I hope they catch on soon. They are a stubborn bunch.

Mamie waiting on the rec bldg.

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Mamie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers. 11 Total
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Hi kitties! what a good job you do with them!
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A SAD FRIGHTENING SCARY start to my day today. A neighbor came by with a petition about the parking lot, and she told me that a brown cat was run over and killed early this morning. She told me a man who owns a business across the street had moved the dead cat to the sidewalk. I know most Mexican people described orange cats as brown or yellow, so I was worried about Dude, Josesito, Alfie, Henry and Red.

I got dressed and went out. On my way I ran into a man that has sometimes stopped and talked to me about the cats. He told me about the brown cat, too. He showed me where the body was. The cat was the color of Red, but his ear wasn't tipped. I was relieved, but still..... it was either a stray -- maybe abandoned that day -- or someone's beloved indoor-outdoor cat. I said a prayer over his body. I knew I wouldn't feel completely okay about it until I saw all my orange cats safe and sound.

It was sprinkling when I went out to feed them and I was worried I wouldn't see Red. I didn't at first, but when I went to call for him, I saw him in the yard. In fact I think he might have jumped out of one of the shelters!

Oh happy sight!

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers. 10 Total
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So glad to hear the kitties are ok. Poor baby, RIP, though.
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I went down early with their food because it has been rainy and I wanted to feed them and make a trip to the convenience store before it started raining again. Only Blackie was already at the front door. Some of the others were waiting at the bench. I think I saw the "intruder cat" when I went out. If was only a little black kitten about 9 months old, I think. He/she went running off toward the family apartments.

The shelter that I had moved, was moved from where I placed it. I had permission, but I guess not from the right person. I'll probably never know the whole story. Anyway the plastic I put over the newspapers I placed on the top was partially blown off and the papers were all wet. so I removed them all and left it uninsulated. I put it back next to Linda's garden. She's fine with it.

I poured some of the food by the feeding bench and the rest by the rec bldg.

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Lady Day, Louie, Oscar, Red. 8 Total.
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Very enjoyable reading your years of feeding your colony. I have been feeding & adopting for some years, since buying my house and the cats that came with it. Present count is 10 inside, of which 9 born feral, some came in as old as 10 months, now tame as can be - with me only. Also took in one litter at 5 weeks - 3 now have loving homes with friends and the little runt that no one wanted stayed here, to become big & beautiful and universally loved, by all the cats and people who come to the house.
And of course I am still feeding a minicolony outside: Princess, mother of Moogie who is inside. (I spayed her years ago & promised her food for as long as she came by.) Tommy-Boy - belonged to someone once, dumped or abandoned, very affectionate. Princess is a fluggy white girl & TOmmy a large, thick-coated white, somewhat beat-up, as he is still intact. Blackie (according to the tag on his flea collar) also abandoned, a fluffy black guy but not health. He comes by for the leftovers. Then the latest attendee, the Little Black Job, usually hanging by the front door in the morning, to Tommy-Boy's disgust.
We have also diners of other species comoing by for the cat food - raccoons, possums & one year a mama skunk raised a litter under the bathroom, where the meter-reader reads. We have had two escaped house rabbits take refuge her. (I still have some rabbit food around.) and a couple of errant hamsters appeared one Labor Day weekend a few years ago. One I trapped & adopted, the other got away - from me, but not likely from Tommy-Boy.
Some of my friends ask me how I have gotten through some of the crises of the past few years and also do my very demanding job. The answer is my little furry love machines, poseurs and comedians all.
I just wish I could provide safe raccoon-proof outdoor shelters for the ferals. At present, all 4 let me pet them. Never thought I'd see the day with Moogie's Mama.

So it is great fun to hear about your little darlings - Bless you, Katie!
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Happy Birthday!


I have been reading your journal a lot.

It is very inspiring and encouraging.

I decided to start my journal with my 4 kitties, which are semi ferals.

Say hello to your kitties for me!
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Dear trixshar, you have been working very hard! You guys sound like a lot of fun and I can tell your heart is as big as the Grand Canyon. Thank you for increasing the amount of love and good-will in the world. It is fun, hard, tragic and a whole lot of other emotions to care for the little cats, but you are also reaching out to wildlife! That's just so cool.

Kazy -- I'm so glad you are starting a journal too! We need more records of our efforts to take care of our colonies. It encourages other people to do the same. Is it on tcs or somewhere else? Maybe I can read it?

It's raining in L.A. In fact, it is predicted to rain at the Academy Awards tomorrow! We're all looking forward to seeing the stars arrive in their Gucci Galoshes and Burberry raincoats! It's also supposed to be cold, so I guess there will be goosebumps on those glamorous bosoms!

My little furries have definitely caught on. They were all cuddled near the feeding bench -- under it and under the rec bldg overhang waiting for their food delivery. I delivered under the overhang.

Blackie let me pick him up -- rainy weather seems to make him affectionate! I discovered that he must have been in the losing end of a fight. He has scabs around his neck and on his forehead. I'm praying there are no abscesses because I just don't have transportation to the vet -- or money to pay.

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers. 10 Total
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Here is my journal.

I have been keeping feral family in my house over the winter and exactly one week ago, I had to let them go back to my yard. They became quite tame and all purr for me when I pet them. Back in the summer, they came for meal time and I was hand feeding them all.

When I let them out, I felt so badly and they didn’t show themselves for few days. To ease my grief, (I almost had nervous breakdown.) I started to write in TCS.
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katie, I am so sad to read about the poor kitty killed in the parking lot. thank goodness it wasn't one of your colony. I think they know to stay away from the dangerous cars.

Even when sad events happen, this thread still brings a smile to my face. I can picture you calling the kitties and having them come running.
They know you are there for them, to keep them safe. for blackie not having any abscesses.
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Hi kazy, thanks for the link to your thread, I've read some of your threads before.

Hi kittymonsters. The little red cat wasn't killed in the parking lot, but on the 4-lane street that borders the apartment complex. Some of our strays may have made their way here from there, but I don't think any of our colony ever try to cross the street. He may have been an abandoned cat. Sadly, there are many of them.

I came home from my Sunday shopping around 6 and the group saw me go in the front door. So when I came out with their food that's where most of them were waiting. I called them, "kitty-cats, kitty-cats" and they came running. Mamie was on the roof of the rec bldg.

Alfie let me stroke him while he was eating. Yes. That's right. Even around the neck. Then I petted Dude, who looked up and murred to me. Louie would have been next, but he looked up and backed off, like "nope, not me."

I had to call Henry, when I poured out the food I looked for him to give him his handful at his feet and he wasn't there. I went to the other side of the rec bldg and saw him come running from one of the gardens. That's the bad side of the yard -- the side that Mr. Flores the cat killer lives on.

I also saw the small intruder black cat. He was making the sounds of a boy cat looking for love -- that high pitched trilling sound. Caterwauling. He was in the yard, but when he saw me he just sat down and stayed there. He never moved the whole time I was there.

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Mamie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers. 11 Total
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Once again the kitties saw me coming in just before feeding time. So they followed me to the front door and waited for me there until I came out he back door and called "kitty cats, kitty cats" then Louie and Lady Day came flying. Followed quickly by Oscar, Blackie and Alfie.

I had to call for my big orange boys, Dude and Josesito. Dude finally showed up. My big affectionate boy. Josesito occasionaly fails to show. I'm not going to worry about him.

The little black intruder was hanging inside the garden again. I hope he has a home.

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Lady Day, Louie, Mamie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers. 10 Total
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Hi Katie,
Always a pleasure to read of your little dears. I also take roll of my four outside every day. Princess appears for breakfast & dinner daily. The Little Gray Guy is usually waiting by the door, and Tommy Boy shows up when he wants. Poor little Blackie comes for leftovers - I know when he's been by because he cleans the dishes of canned food. None of the other tend to finish bowls.
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Katie, Kazy, Trizy (well close but no cigar on the spelling there, LOL!)

So nice to hear of your colonies. I too have one, though i don't journal.

My life has always had cats, but when i moved to my current home, I suddenly started to acquire cats as strays. 2 lovely ones came into my

And then came the turning point...

One cold night, at a dinner, leaving the hotel/restaurant I saw the pitfully thin cats dumpster diving.

I resolved then and there to do *something* I began to feed, but had no monies for much else. So of course...more cats!

Finally after a year, I got some help finanically and with traps and did TNR. Now I have only 12 sometime cats, 5 to 6 are always there, the others come and go. But happily only 2 to 2 need fixing!! All have had rabies, and spay and some have had distemper etc. 2 came home as ferals to be home cats, and have tamed nicely.

As part of my work, I've been asked to tame various ferals outside of my colony cats... tonight I agreed to take on a new Siamese style kitty, in direst need of taming, and perhaps if he does well... adoption to a new home? So far my rolls include:

Martini, Dewey, T.T/Sunny Delight, and Baby the feral coon kitten.
All have found homes, and been tamed to very nice kitties.

Back to the colony: In my colony most of them, I have trapped and I've fixed. I provided nice shelters for them... tho not
of course racoon proof. Nothing really is... but I tried! I tried to make
the holes small enough for kitties, too small for coons, LOL.

I made tupperware / rubber maid shelters, stuffed with straw. And I made sure to make several plus left out large dog igloo, so the coons could have shelter and not bother the kitties. As I noticed, coons at my site eat next to the cats, and indeed the cats threaten the coons, not the other way round. So I leave plenty extra dry chow - and bowls in different locations so all can eat, and all can be peaceful. When it rains, I have 2 garbage cans on the sides, on the ground, that I put food into to keep it dry and sheltered.

when I needs meds for my kitties: I use fish antibiotics.

You might try Katie, if in need of low cost anti biotics - fish meds. These can be bought at the local pet store with no prescription, and are the same antibios as you give your pets. Fish Flex, is Cetaflexin (sp??!!) Fish Mox is amoxicillin and there are 2 others mentioned.

I had this info from the Terrier Man's website, about working terrier dogs and how to keep vet bills down. My vet confirmed it for me, and told me it was okay in a pinch...

The dosage has to be adjusted for the kitties body weight, but he gives the dosages for the 8 lb to 16 lb dogs and you just do a little math. Not difficult!!
You sprinkle on the food using stinky wet stuff like tuna, and they gobble it up!

Its cheap 30 dollars for a BIG bottle of antibios and they work REALLY well on most cat bites/wounds.

I also use Revolution on my cats for ticks, fleas and worms. Its expensive, but I got the vet to write a presciption and now get it from 1-800-petmeds for less!!! You can get Strongid for worms too, its liquid and costs about 30 dollars for a large bottle. You have to get your vet to write the presciption though.

Um, I have to go now! I have such fun reading this. Its nice to share my heart aches and my successes with people who *understand*.

LIke for example, my Frogita is so tame for me, but runs from other people... but Goose is fine with people in the house he knows, he is super affectionate and loves being picked up and petted... Frogita OTH will only let ME do that!

Such little characters. Wish me luck with my newest challenge. I am hoping he comes with 2 8 wk old kittens to help me "teach" him about handling loving and petting. Kittens are usually very easy to tame down, and they LOVE to play. I think this new boy will do well with me. Send me vibes for his taming. If he tames nicely the rescue will find a home for him!

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I love hearing from you opilot. You are so enthusiastic and resourceful in taking care of your kitties. It is a project that brings out a wide range of emotions: tenderness, love, anxiety, worry, triumph and a lot more. I've learned a lot about myself and I think I've actually become a better person by taking on this project.

I fell asleep on the couch watching General Hospital this afternoon. Somehow I ended up in my own bed (don't remember moving!) with Little Guy on my pillow purring. I looked at the clock and it said 6:47. I staggered up, put on my shoes, stumbled into the kitchen. Oh, it was only 5:50! My clock has little buttons on top to change the time and sometimes the cats step on them and change the time.

I went out with the food anyway. My furry ones were waiting at the feeding bench and Oscar came meowing in his raspy way when he saw me. I poured out the feed, saying hi to everyone. Only Sneakers and Red were missing, so I went to the side of the rec bldg and started calling. No response.

Then, while I was getting them fresh water, Red showed up. Went to the side of the rec bldg and called Sneakers, looking up at the roof, because that's where she usually is. Mamie was there. Then there she was. Both girls looked sleepy and seemed to be saying "It's not safe to come down yet -- it's still light out. We'll come later when it gets dark."

A good day. It was summery warm and all the cats showed up.

Roll Call: Alfie, Blackie, Dude, Henry, Josesito, Lady Day, Louie, Mamie, Oscar, Red, Sneakers. 11 Total.

P.S. I got a card from the new meowmy of my foster cat, Sun. She is doing very well, after spending the first week under the living room couch. She is running with her brother and sister now. I love a successful adoption!
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