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You know what drives me crazy? WORK VENT!!!

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People who are very quick to point out a PROBLEM but never try to actually solve the problem.

One of my coworkers is the most complain-y complainer on the face of the planet. He's cranky, I know, because he got passed over for a position that went to a new hire. The past month or so, though, he's been like a dark cloud and has just been walking around complaining about EVERYTHING we've all accomplished lately, finding problems where problems don't exist. I've had it up to here!

It's one thing to say "Hey, you know what, that doesn't seem to working out, what if instead of doing x we did y?"
Rather than just saying "Oh, that sucks". GRR.

Not to mention he constantly criticizes the work of people that he has no jurisdiction over. I finally had to send an email to our boss today and say "Look, could you maybe tell him to not criticize everything? He's dragging down the morale". We're a small office with limited resources and a positive attitude goes a long way.

Thanks for listening...back to your regularly scheduled programming.
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I hope your boss listens. A constant complainer is trouble.
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I once read in a magazine article on the subject of job performance: "Never bring a problem to your supervisor without offering some sort of solution. You are being paid to think, not to whine." Makes sense to me.
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It's good you sent the email the boss. If he doesn't know, then the situation will never be addressed.

If he does continue to do this, my advice would be to challenge him. If he says "This sucks" ask "Why?". come up with a bunch of scenerios of your response of "Why?" of how he would react. Then this way you can approach him better and help take control of the negative situation...at least on your end.
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I agree. If your boss doesn't do anything about it then the next time he is criticising ask him what he thinks should be done to make it better. If he doesn't give and answer then tell him to stop saying it sucks!
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