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Another Newbie

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Hi everyone,

My name is Christy and I live in the Cleveland OH area. I have a 1 1/2 year old tuxedo girl, named Ivo (pronounced eevo-her "Uncle" named her that). She was a stray that was hanging around the coffee shop on the first floor of my apartment building. When the weather quickly got colder, I took her in. Since then, she has become queen of the apartment!

It's been an interesting 6 months with her. She had a pretty rough life while she was outside, and I think she had been treated badly by people at some point in her life. But now, she's finally learned to trust me (and a few other people, like my Dad and my neighbor across the hall, her "Uncle") and her real personality is coming to the surface. Although I grew up with cats, she's the first that I've been responsible for by myself. I'll probably be posting with a lot of questions, just to make sure that Ivo isn't the only psycho kitty out there!

Everyone have a good day!
owned by Ivo
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Welcome Christy!!

I love Ivo's name. So unique!!

With every psycho kitty story you post there will be plenty of us to match them. I think we all have at least one cat that is certifiably insane.

I'm glad you came aboard!!
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Welcome to TCS Christy........And a big old MEOW and thankyou for rescuing your little girl form the streets. You will find that she has a very grateful heart for your love!
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Well, there is an interesting story behind her name.

When I first took Ivo in, I tried to determine what sex she was. Since she wasn't too happy about being inspected in her private areas, I thought I felt, um, "male parts" and didn't try any more. So, I spent the next day searching for descriptive male names. Since I'm Irish (with a last name like O'Keefe, who would have guessed?) I was looking at Dubh (black) or other names meaning "strength" and "leader". My neighbor the "Uncle", who first found her, suggested Ivo. It was a name he had heard somewhere, and liked. I looked it up on the net, and it is an ancient variant of Ivan (or John).

When I first took Ivo to the vet's, the vet starts the exam, then turns to me and says "Maybe you should call her Eva." I had gotten the sex wrong (and should be embarassed, because I worked at a vet's for almost 3 years in high school). But, by that time, Ivo had become Ivo to me. Later, her "Uncle" brought an art poster out of storage, that had a list of goddess' names on it. Guess what name was on there?

Now, of course, she has a bunch of nicknames, but I'll save that for another post.

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Ivo is a GREAT name for her! Like the story about how she got it too!
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Welcome to the site! You are certainly her angel for taking Ivo in off the street. The ones who are rescued generally have a very special bond with their people. They know how much you must love them, especially when they know the alternative! I have a little tuxedo girl that I "rescued" from between the walls of my apartment building when she was just a little kitten (she'll be 3 years old in August). She still isn't trusting of people but she is a very loving little thing to hubby and I.

There are a lot of very knowledgable people on this site who can help with just about any question you may have. And we all have little psycho babies! I don't think there is such a thing as a "normal" cat!
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Welcome to you and Ivo. I am sure if you ask Ivo, or any cats, the humans are the psychos out here and they are the sane ones! LOL. Hope to see you posting often!
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Hi adymarie,

Oh, I know Ivo thinks I'm nuts.:disturbed After all, I will stay in the same room as the Monster Machine (aka the vacuum cleaner). I also sleep (or try to) through the best time to play-3:30 in the morning. However, she keeps me because I feed her and talk to her (even if it IS about work-who needs a job when you can catnap all day?) and give her cuddles.

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Gotta love cats Christy! They own us not the other way around.

BTW I have relatives just in the burbs of Cleveland - in Westlake
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In Ancient times, Cats were worshipped as Gods...Cats have NOT forgotten this!

I read that on a t-shirt somewhere! I love it! It is SOOO true!

Welcome Christy and Ivo...
I'm interested in hearing more about the goddess Ivo...or what ever information you found in that area!

Have lots of fun with your new little kitty!
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Hello puffkitty,

Unfortunately, I have no info on the name Ivo, except for the Ivan/John info. As for the goddess thing, I misspoke a little

Last night, when I got home, I bugged my neighbor to see his poster with the name Ivo on it. They weren't goddesses as I remembered, but they were mythological women. One of the other names was Persephone. So, I assume that Ivo is a mythological female, too. But then again, you know what they say about assuming anything...


After a quick Google search (and asking my coworker, who is from the Czech Republic):

Ivo is a common man's name in Eastern Europe, related to Evan (not John)

There is an Italian artist named cat ivo (maybe he was the artist of the poster)

St. Ivo of Chatres-Catholic bishop circa 1000-1100

My favorite:

Ivo of Kermartin, Patron saint of abandoned people (especially children), orphans, and lawyers. He was known as the Advocate for the Poor, and is invoked against injustice and poverty. I think this is a pretty good name for an abandoned and abused young kitty.
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Ivo is also a saint, known as the advocate of the poor. See this link if you want info on St Ivo.

Another St Ivo - patron saint of lawyers!
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...and "they" say that Cat's don't chose their own names! ha!

Ivo certainly sounds like the most fitting name for your kitty!

Many bright blessings!
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