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Twitch & TigerLily Marlene!

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In all of the pictures I have been posting, I haven't managed to post any new ones of Twitch & Lily! They were getting mad at me, so here they are!
Here are some of the duo together.
Lily likes to lay with her front feet stuck out in front of her. I think it's quite cute.

Here's the "Twitch sleepy face". OK, OK, OK...so its the "Twitch drooled everywhere in her sleep again" face. That's what happens sometimes...OK! It happens everytime she wakes up! I love my drooly face!

I was cleaning out my Goldfish bowl. When I came back, I found this. I had to move it from one counter to another because the light kept messing up the picture.

There is only one type of toy in the world that gets Twitch excited & that would be these little balls. They look like they are made out of tin foil. I don't know how else to descirbe them, but she likes to chomp on them to massage her gums. You can see the ball better in the first picture.
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That picture of Lily in the fishbowl made me almost fall off my chair.

Wha'ts on her claws? those cover things which of course I forget the name of now.. SoftPaws?
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Oh my! The picture of the goldfish bowl - What a great picture!
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At first I just thought she was beside it!!

Then I realised she was IN it!!!
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Aww, Lily looks so pretty in her multicolored soft paws!
And Twitch looks adorable too!

I can't believe she fit in that goldfish bowl! She must do yoga
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Awww their gorgeous!. Rosie and Sophie have those crinkle balls as well
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Aaaw look at Lily in the bowl! Thats fantastic and her claws look so funky!
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They are both precious!!! I think you need to frame the fishbowl pic though!!
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Lily must've really liked her Soft Paws. When I took them off, she walked around shaking her feet & looking at that like something was wrong. She had me worried until I realized she probably missed her Soft Paws. I had to order three packages, so I figured I might as well give her pretty toes.

It is a 2 Gallon goldfish bowl, & she is small for her 6 months(under 5 lb.s) of age. Yes, she is my athletic kitty. She likes to do vaults off high places....but in some cases she only does it once.

lol She is hissing at teh pictures of herself as I scroll down to look at the thread!
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