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Cypurr Mouse

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I know someone had mentioned these at some point on the site... well I was in walmart tonite and on my usual stroll through the pet section, I decided to try one for Oliver since it was only like 5 bucks... I wasnt sure how he'd react as he can be picky about toys, but he LOOOOVVEEESSS it! haha... it works best on the hard floor in the kitchen - I had to show him a few times where to hit it and then he got the hang of it and will come running if I'm in the kitchen and hit it and he's in the other room... I like that it has a master on/off switch too - it will DEFINITELY be turned off at nite (Oliver likes to have 5am playtime, haha)... just thought I'd share - he's the kind of cat that comes running when the DVD player is opened (I even kept my old DVD player after it stopped reading discs properly simply to be a play toy for him, haha) so I figured he'd love the random action of the cypurr mouse....
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lol Good for you, my cats absolutely hated it! They completely ignored it after about five seconds! Glad Oliver likes it though!
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How fun for Oliver!

Does it make a lot of noise? I thought someone had posted about it before and said it was quite noisey?

I always see them at Petsmart and wondered it Harley would like it?

I might have to check it out if they aren't too noisey - he doesn't do well with loud noises!
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It kinda laughs and says "na na na na"... the ones at walmart had opening in the backs of the packages (And they come with batteries in them) so I tested one out before deciding to purchase it... you could always do that to see if you think it'd be too loud for your kitty... Oliver doesnt seem bothered by the noise - I thought he'd to the whole jump straight back, gynormous pupils, puffed up tail routine but he didn't he was really interested from the start... he's gone running into the kitchen several times tonite to swat it on the head, hahaha
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OK good news and bad news...

Good news: Oliver loves his cypurr mouse and is soooo smart, knowing exactly how to turn it on!

Bad news: Guess who forgot to turn it off and put it away before bed last night......
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